Build your Asana workspace from the ground up with this industry leading online program…

Do you use Asana & struggle with knowing if you’re doing it right? I’ll show you how to create the ultimate Asana setup for your organisation in easy to follow steps…

It can be frustrating spending time, money and energy building workflows, projects and templates in Asana and wondering if you’re doing it right.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could save time and money & have a simple and efficient system without having to fork over thousands of dollars for 1:1 consulting & you could actually learn how to use Asana like an expert.

What if you were able to simplify how you and your team use Asana and develop a consistent approach for building teams, workflows, projects & more? What about if you could become an Asana pro and avoid the headache and cost of reading through blogs, YouTube videos & help articles. What if managing & setting up Asana just became plain simple & easy for you?

Now you can do this and more with my exciting online program on building & managing the ultimate system using Asana. In this action packed online program I show you the exact steps to create an entire workflow system in Asana that can you can adapt to your organisation. This is the exact process I’ve used consulting with clients all around the world!

Forget about overcomplicated advice and structures that don’t work for you. This is real, actionable and it works. It includes…

  • Easy to follow step by step videos with text instructions, downloads, templates & more made available in your own self paced program.
  • A simple way to structure or restructure your teams inside Asana
  • An effective business analysis process that we use when building new team, project & workflow structures
  • How to build your software stack and cut out unecessary costs by doing things in Asana easily!
  • The most efficient structure for your projects, tasks and templates
  • A simple way to take advantage of advanced functionality inside Asana
  • How to build projects, tasks, custom fields, rules & more the right way
  • Building external automation and workflow triggers inside Asana
  • Documenting, training and continuing to build out your Asana setup.
  • Access to our dedicated Slack support channel

Usually packaged up and sold to clients through consulting engagements for $5,000 – $10,000, but available for a limited time only right now in my exclusive online program.

Structure Fundamentals

During the structure fundamentals stage we start by building the basics and apply some common analysis techniques I use when creating Asana structures.

Starting with the Asana hierarchy I take you through how this applies to team, project and task structure within your workspace.

I then take you through building a solid understanding of your user base inside Asana that you can regularly audit to save money.

Once you know the basics I take you through my consulting process to map out the most top level structure inside Asana using my “starting five” approach to teams.

I teach you how to overcome the next common structure problem in Asana and when to know whether you should use a project or a task.

We then learn how to build a template library and identify projects and tasks that we should template within our Asana workspace.

This structure fundamentals stage gives you the grounding to rebuild your existing structure or start from scratch and create an efficient and easy to use Asana setup. A large portion of this work is done outside Asana to give us the best chance to scale and change as you grow.

Project Management Like A Pro

During the project management like a pro stage we get stuck into the common project elements inside Asana and best practice approaches for how to utilise them.

Starting with a structured approach to building our 2 ultimate recommended project types we look at section and columns first.

Next we learn more about creating effective tasks and when to implement subtasks.

After learning the basics we move through and expand on our template library lesson by building out task templates for specific workflows.

Learn more about milestones and why implementing them in your structure helps with advanced functionality later on.

Then learn more about one of our favourite tools inside Asana and how custom fields can hold all your most important data for trigger rules, reporting, filtering and more.

Our next two lessons take everything learned so far to create the structure for the primary project structures you will implement moving forward. I’ll show you how to build them and how to take your existing project structures and implement them into this recommended approach.

Finally I’ll introduce you into multi-homing and the basic concept of workflow management as we talk through how you can sync your two project types easily.

At the end of this section you will have extensive experience adapting Asana to your organisation using a proven and simple method that’s been used for countless organisations no matter the size.

Automate Your Workflow

Automation should always come after getting your structure fundamentals sorted. These days people are too quick to jump to automation without getting the foundations right first.

In this lesson we start by learning some crucial rules you can implement to start to reduce and remove repetitive and manual tasks.

Once we have some basic rules established inside Asana and connected to our project templates we move onto external integrations and how you can easily utilise Zapier once the right structure is established.

Finally we cover how you can integrate email & Asana to simplify communication & task management.

Team Productivity

Once you have your structure and projects firing it’s now time to get your team on the same page. Creating consistency inside your team and how they can be productive using Asana will drive success within your work management system.

Starting with My Tasks we take you through the different ways to structure them to achieve clear and concise priorities for your team. Get everyone doing the same thing and the results will follow.

After My Tasks we focus on how to incorporate the Inbox and move towards eliminating email notifications.

Finally we talk through the different ways you can collaborate in Asana including Inbox, Comments & Messaging.


We now start to get into the advanced functionality that makes Asana powerful. By setting up your workspace with the correct structure and you’re team established with a standard way of doing things you can take advantage of the real power of Asana.

We start with proofing and how this can live inside your projects for reviewing and approving images and PDF’s. Combining proofing with custom fields you can supercharge your review and approval workflows.

Next we touch on advanced searches and how the power of custom fields can help you pull out the data you need from Asana.

We look at the frontend view of advanced searches by focusing on dashboards for different types of projects and how we can combine all our data and present a universal dashboard.

Next we review our deadline projects and how we can create and manage timelines that we can share internally and externally. We also look at how you can build a dependent workflow right from the timeline view.

We start to get into more of the management functions inside Asana by diving into Portfolios and how we can zoom out on all our work to get a birds eye view. We look at the Portfolio timeline and how to establish Workload for capacity analysis.

We then implement some high level projects and look at how we can reduce overwhelm and track core projects within our Asana workspace.

Asana Forms come next and we discuss the basics of forms and how they can connect to your workflows and trigger tasks in.

Finally we explore goals, OKR’s and how they support the work you do and then learn more about why you would want to implement multi-homing.

Training Your Team

In addition to this program it’s important that your team has an easy way to know what to do in Asana. Both how to do it and why. In these lessons we focus on how you can build your own training information directly inside Asana where you work.

We start off with building a simple training library by following a standard process we use for clients. Screenshare your workflows and get your team on the same page easily. It’s also perfect for new employees.

Next we look at how you can reduce task lists by building process projects and linking them to your templates. A central repository for standard operating procedures ensures your tasks remain concise, while giving enough information for anyone to do the work properly.

Finally we focus on building conventions and ensuring there are known ways your organisation does things inside Asana.


Next we start to look at common integrations that you can easily implement and configure with customised rules.

Firstly we look at implementing Slack and how this can compliment your organisational communication and how to align with what you’re doing inside Asana.

Finally we cover how you can coordinate Asana and Jira. This becomes powerful where different parts of your organisation use different software.

Bundle Industry Specific Workflows

As your experience with Asana grows you will start to implement more and more workflows to improve efficiency within your organisation. In these lessons we enable you to bundle our industry specific programs at a discounted rate. 

Over the years we’ve worked across a range of industries and have identified common workflows, structures and more. These have been adapted into online programs so you can take advantage. You get taken through what project structures to create and why. You also get access to downloadable templates that you can plug directly into your Asana workspace.

We cover the following industries to continue to expand your Asana knowledge…

  • Ecommerce
  • Marketing, Digital & Creatives
  • Real Estate
  • Coaching
  • Construction
  • Finance
  • Social Media

This industry specific content is super powerful and will help you continue to take your Asana use to the next level. Building off the lessons so far you will be well on the way to creating a best practice structure inside Asana.

Bundle Organisational Functions

In addition to specific industry information we have also identified a bunch of common organisational functions that can easily be managed directly inside Asana. With these bundled add-ons you can supercharge some common administrative functions that happen with almost every organisation.

Being able to transition these common tasks to Asana means that you can bring more and more of your work inside a structured system.

Follow along in these dedicated courses and start to build out and expand your administrative work inside Asana. The bundled add-ons include ready to import project templates so you can hit the ground running.

The common organisational functions we cover include:

  • Onboarding, Questionnaires & Briefs
  • Leads & Sales
  • Invoices
  • Meetings
  • Documents
  • Task Approval Loop

Build a well rounded Asana workspace by incorporating these common functions easily and by following a proven method we’ve used with countless clients.

Hi I’m Josh, Your Asana Expert…

I’m an Asana Certified Pro with extensive business and technical experience. Having used Asana inside my own businesses to improve efficiency, collaboration and productivity I started consulting, implementing and training clients that experienced the same problems.

I combine problem solving and analytical skills with deep expertise in Asana & other work management systems to deliver custom tailored solutions, training, support, advice & programs for clients across a range of industries.

I’ve developed customised frameworks to analyse, build and train both small and large teams. I have also created an extensive online program library to help Asana users across a range of common cases. My goal is to help business owners simplify their workflow, increase efficiency, reduce costs and deliver time savings.

I can take complex business workflows and adapt software to suit your needs. I’ve worked with micro, small, medium and enterprise size clients. I can take any workflow or organisational problem and translate it into an efficient working solution directly inside Asana.

Here’s what I’ve packaged up for you…

It’s time to stop overcomplicating how you’re using Asana within your organisation. If you already use Asana you have the tools available to take it to the next level (without spending thousands on consulting advice). Forget about trying to do it all yourself without a clear direction. Keep it super simple and learn how to build things from the ground up. By implementing this proven method in Asana you will have the tools to blow away everything you think you know about Asana. If you love Asana you will love what you can learn in this online program…

Downloadable Templates

I’ve done all the heavy lifting with templates that you can import straight into Asana. They are super easy to use and are pre-built. In the course I give you instructions on how to upload, setup and get your templates running to supercharge your Asana setup in less than 10 minutes.

Video Screenshare

Everything in the course follows a simple screenshare format allowing you to follow on while you work hands on in Asana crafting and building your system. Take your business from analysis all the way through to operations using a proven and established framework that I’ve used for real world clients.

Written Guide

Written instructions and a step by step by process giving you time to work through it by yourself. I’ve made everything super simple and easy to follow. Just watch the videos and read the instructions inside the course and you have everything you need to build your own organisation system inside Asana like an expert.

Weekly Asana Tips

Once you sign up to any of our online courses you get detailed and exclusive weekly tips on how to use Asana effectively. Many of my clients have been able to take their operations in Asana to the next level just using my free weekly tips. Easy to follow videos available in our community package as well.

Lifetime Access

You have this course forever. Take advantage of new modules we plan to introduce and extensions that we are creating right now at our low introductory price. We regularly take course participant feedback and introduce new learning information and ways to extend what is in place. You have these updates forever.

Slack Channel Access

Get stuck? Need other amazing resources for Asana. Join the Slack Channel and join me and my team with ideas and support when it comes to managing Asana for your organisation. I’m actively part of the Slack Channel providing unparalled support advice, tips, new ideas and content for the community.

Hear from our clients...

Want to do it yourself? Take one of our popular online programs

We’ve developed a unique set of online courses that can help you use Asana effectively in every part of your organisation. Take advantage of our years of business analysis and technical expertise with these engaging do it yourself courses. They include step by step instructional videos, detailed notes & pre-made templates you can download that will save you loads of time.

Asana + Social Media | US$97

Learn how to execute on social media like a pro with this Asana setup. We’ll show you how to use Asana to take content ideas, chop them up, create them, schedule and analyse like a professional social media agency using Asana. We include all the project templates ready to import & an easy to follow video course with notes.

Asana + Leads | US$97

Learn how to supercharge your Asana setup into a fully working CRM that can take prospects and leads all the way through to clients & the initiation of your primary workflow. Forget about using other software. Learn how to use Asana right at the top of your funnel. We include all the project templates ready to import & an easy to follow video course with notes.

Ultimate System | US$1497

If you want to learn and build your own extensive operational workflow setup in Asana then this is the course for you. Crafted over months and months we have incorporated all the best elements of what we do in a simple step by step process to create the ultimate system using Asana. We include all the project templates ready to import & instructional videos.

Asana + Creatives | US$499

Do you run or manage a creative or digital business? In this course we create the ideal setup for creative businesses with 1 to 100 employees. Handling briefs and managing client projects will become a breeze for you and your team using lessons from this course. We include all the project templates ready to import & an easy to follow video course with notes.

Asana + E-commerce | US$299

In this online course we run through exactly how to structure Asana for your dropshipping business. Testing products and ads is crucial to your success. With simple automation & project structures you will have your dropshipping business humming. We include all the project templates ready to import & an easy to follow video course with notes.

Asana + Real Estate | US$299

Do you sell or manage real estate? Take the templates and video lessons in this course to supercharge your property business using Asana. Property rentals, real estate sales, lead management and more is covered in this easy to implement course. We include all the project templates ready to import & an easy to follow video course with notes.

Asana + Finance | US$299

Are you a finance professional? In this course we cover the ideal structure to manage your professionals services business. Operational workflow, leads, documentation, policies & procedures and invoices is covered to streamline your business. We include all the project templates ready to import & an easy to follow video course with notes.

Asana + Coaching | US$299

Do you run a coaching business and need an inexpensive solution to create a client portal. Asana is perfect for goal tracking, task assignement and management. Adapt Asana for your coaching program with this easy to understand and implement course. We include all the project templates ready to import & an easy to follow video course with notes.

Asana + Invoices | US$97

Invoices are part of every business. Being able to easily manage them and have oversight of their status across your business is easy with Asana. We show you how to manage invoices no matter your size from 1 person to hundreds. We include all the project templates ready to import & an easy to follow video course with notes.

Asana + Documents | US$97

Sick of having to trawl through folders and folders over and over again each day to find what you need. Integrate documentation into your daily operational workflow with this Asana course. Easy to implement and even easier to manage. We include all the project templates ready to import & an easy to follow video course with notes.

Asana + Forms | US$49

Do you manage inbound requests or need to manage handovers between teams in your organisation? Supercharge Asana with forms and start simplifying your workflow, requests, inbound questionnaires, handovers and more. We include all the project templates ready to import & an easy to follow video course with notes.

Asana + Meetings | US$49

Running one to one or group meetings? Incorporate these best practice techniques into your Asana setup & supercharge your meetings. Automate routine tasks and give context to your meetings with this simple online course. We include all the project templates ready to import & an easy to follow video course with notes.

Is the daily management of your business getting
out of control? It doesn’t need to…

Forget about wasting another day stuck in inefficient and redundant tasks. Take back control of your workflow & productivity. With a personalised assessment we can do a quick audit and recommend how we can help you scale your operations efficiently to the next level.

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