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Do you use Asana to manage workflows for your e-commerce business? I’ll show you the best Asana structures saving you time & money in the process…

It can be frustrating spending time, money and energy trying to build and adopt workflows for managing and testing your e-commerce workflows in Asana.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could save time and money & have a simple and efficient e-commerce workflow system without having to fork over thousands of dollars for expert help.

What if you were able to create, test & run products and orders through workflows for your business & have a consistent approach for you and your team to use? What about if you could do it all in Asana and avoid the headache and cost of everything you need to do in your e-commerce business? What if product, order and team management just became plain simple & easy for you?

Now you can do this and more with my online course on e-commerce with Asana. In this action packed online course I show you the exact steps to create a working system that can simplify your product testing, product management, order management and team management. The best part… you can do it all in Asana and scale your operations easily.

Forget about overcomplicated systems with features that you never use. This is real, actionable and it works. It includes…

  • Detailed information and instructions on how to use the downloadable templates made available in the course.
  • A simple way to manage product & order workflows that your entire team can use
  • A perfect system for holding inventory or for dropshippers
  • Stepping your products & orders through multiple workflows including researching, managing and testing.
  • A simplified approach to running your remote team member tasks using Asana saving you loads of time
  • A product & order analysis board that can help you visualise the status of your products & orders easily
  • A working process that takes your products & orders through common e-commerce workflows (easy to adapt to your circumstances)

Usually packaged up and sold to clients through consulting engagements for thousands, but available right now in my exclusive online course. Be quick, because your business will save time, money & become more efficient.

Here’s what I’ve packaged up for you…

It’s time to stop overcomplicating the management of your e-commerce business. If you already use Asana you have the tools available to take it to the next level (without spending thousands on software). Forget about trying to maintain spreadsheets & manage remote team members. Keep it super simple and maintain your entire workflow in Asana. By implementing this proven method in Asana you will have the tools to blow away your sales team & your competitors. If you love Asana you will love this course…

Downloadable Templates

I’ve done all the heavy lifting with templates that you can import straight into Asana. They are super easy to use and are pre-built. In the course I give you instructions on how to upload, setup and get your templates running to supercharge your e-commerce business in less than 10 minutes.

Video Screenshare

Everything in the course follows a simple screenshare format allowing you to follow on while you work hands on in Asana crafting and building your workflows inside Asana. Take one single product & order all the way through multiple workflows using a proven and established framework that I’ve used for real clients.

Written Guide

Written instructions and a step by step by process giving you time to work through it by yourself. I’ve made everything super simple and easy to follow. Just watch the videos and read the instructions inside the course and you have everything you need to build your own e-commerce workflows inside Asana like an expert.

Weekly Asana Tips

Once you sign up to any of our online courses you get detailed and exclusive weekly tips on how to use Asana effectively. Many of my clients have been able to take their operations in Asana to the next level just using my free weekly tips. Easy to follow videos available in our community package as well.

Lifetime Access

You have this course forever. Take advantage of new modules we plan to introduce and extensions that we are creating right now at our low introductory price. We regularly take course participant feedback and introduce new learning information and ways to extend what is in place. You have these updates forever.

Slack Channel Access

Get stuck? Need other amazing resources for Asana. Join the Slack channel and join me and my team with ideas and support when it comes to managing Asana for your organisation. I’m actively part of the Slack channel providing unparalled support advice, tips, new ideas and content for the community.

Here’s what you’ll learn…

Welcome & Introduction
Learn a bit more about the course and the best way to digest the information & build out your workflows.

Creating Your Custom Fields
Learn how to create the custom fields we use throughout the course with an in-depth download & screenshare video.

Downloading & Importing Project Templates
We give you all the project templates used within the course so you can kickstart your project creation & e-commerce workflows.

Structure, Overview Boards, Task Templates
Establishing Your E-commerce Structure
Learn the importance of structure fundamentals and the most appropriate team structure in Asana for your e-commerce business.

The Product Overview Board
Build a high level project to track the status of your products across your business workflows in real time.

The Product Task Template
Build a product task template and learn about task template variants. It becomes the hub and base for all your product workflow tasks.

The Order Overview Board
Build a high level project to track the status of your orders across your business workflows in real time.

The Order Task Template
Build an order task template and learn about task template variants. It becomes the hub and base for all your order workflow tasks.

Product & Order Operational Workflows
Your Operational Project Workflow Structures
Build the ideal structure for your operational workflow projects for products & orders.

Building Out Your Task Templates
Take what you learnt in module 2 and build out your task templates to encompass your operational workflows.

Multi-homing Your Product & Order Task To Workflows
Learn how to multi-home your product & order task across your operational workflows saving time & increasing efficiency.

Custom Fiuelds, Automation & Rules
Learn how to use your custom fields, add them to templates and build out simple internal and external automation to supercharge your workflows.

Product & Order Deadline Driven Workflows
Deadline Driven Workflow Templates For Manufacturing, Research, Sourcing & More
Build a template utilising best practice structure for your deadline driven workflows.

Multi-homing Your Product Task To Deadline Projects
Start using your product task across multiple teams and different types of workflows.

Using Timeline For Monitoring & Tracking Deadlines
Build a timeline for deadline driven projects and learn how to use it effectively.

Portfoloios For Linking Workflows
Build a Portfolio and learn how you can use it for different types of workflows inside your e-commerce business.

Finish Up
What Your Structure Should Look Like
A recap on what your business should start to look like inside Asana

We collate feedback and include additional modules to the course. With lifetime access your feedback becomes part of future learning.

Hear from our clients...

Hi I’m Josh, Your Asana Expert…

I’m an Asana Certified Pro with extensive business and technical experience. Having used Asana inside my own businesses to improve efficiency, collaboration and productivity I started consulting, implementing and training clients that experienced the same problems.

I combine problem solving and analytical skills with deep expertise in Asana to deliver custom tailored solutions and training for clients across a range of industries.

I’ve developed customised frameworks to analyse, build and train both small and large teams. I have also created an extensive online course library to help Asana users across a range of common cases. My goal is to help business owners simplify their workflow, increase efficiency, reduce costs and deliver time savings.

I can take complex business workflows and adapt software to suit your needs. I’ve worked with micro, small, medium and enterprise size clients. I’m also highly experienced in crafting high performing digital marketing campaigns and have run social media accounts for clients all over the world. I built this framework for developing a lead management system live in Asana and have help hundreds of clients implement it successfully (I also run it in my own businesses).

Is the daily management of your business getting
out of control? It doesn’t need to…

Forget about wasting another day stuck in inefficient and redundant tasks. Take back control of your workflow & productivity. With a personalised assessment we can do a quick audit and recommend how we can help you scale your operations efficiently to the next level.

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