Start times are now available on Asana tasks

A new feature if you’re interested in time blocking & potentially looking for future calendar functionality

Task management is a critical component of how you organise your daily work & the ways you can contribute to team productivity & outcomes. Asana is a powerful tool when it comes to the management of your daily tasks. With continual product development we are starting to see newly released features that are improving how you organise and manage your tasks. With the recent update of My Tasks it’s now easier to build the perfect view for all the tasks you’re working on, but also automate it.

There are lots of feature requests on the Asana forum relating to calendar integration and two way syncing and although this feature isn’t active yet we are starting to potentially see the beginning of this functionality. Recently released and available on premium & up accounts is start and end times on tasks. Previously it was only possible to set a due time on a task. Start times now give you much more context to the work you’re doing, how long you expect it to take and will help you organise it even further.

Here’s what it looks like…

What are the ways I can use start times in Asana?

Asana start times on tasks will become powerful if you are a strong user of time blocking or driving your team towards productivity by accurately capturing estimated time on tasks. You can now accurately plan your daily work in My Tasks by only filling up your task activities with estimated times. Let’s be honest we usually overestimate what we can achieve in a day. Taking 5 minutes to plan the tasks you’re working on at the start of the day and with the utilisation of start times you can get an accurate picture of what you’re going to achieve in a single day.

What exists in the future for start times

Start times seem like a natural fit for daily task management and there a couple of potential future features that may help you supercharge your organisation in Asana…

Two Way Calendar Integration
A widely requested feature and the ability to sync your Asana tasks with start and end times to your calendar allows you to implement effective time blocking and streamline your tasks with meetings and more.

Automation & Rules
Potentially in the future we will see more triggers and rules based on start times to allow you to implement more automation to streamline your daily work.

How to start using start times on tasks

If you’re familiar with start and end dates on tasks you should find creating start and end times a breeze. While you have a task open follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Due Date section
  2. Click the clock icon at the bottom of the date popup
  3. Enter your start and end time

It’s important to note that time in Asana will align to your computer/browser time. This should alleviate concerns if you’re working with team members in other timezones. Any times you set in your timezone should be reflected correctly in the team members timezone.

Start times could be the start of more powerful features in Asana and it’s a useful addition to an already well established My Tasks system.