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There is an easy way to optimise your business systems, daily tasks & operational workflows. Operational inefficiency is costing you time & money, but it doesn’t have to! As system & workflow specialists we focus solely on improving how you work every day. That means you get real business outcomes that improve productivity, collaboration & efficiency.

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Are you tired of the complicated systems & different pieces of software in your business? It’s costing you too much and everyone ends up doing things differently.

That’s where we come in: Simplify your processes. Implement your work management system. Deliver organisational productivity & efficiency.

Did you know that we are now spending more & more time organising rather than doing? Inefficiency is taking critical time away from you doing what you do best.

We’ve made it our mission to empower organisations with tailored work management system solutions. We eliminate inefficiency and implement standard ways of working with the right systems. So what does it look like when you work with us?

Let’s analyse your business

We need to get under the hood of your business and understand how you work. Before we recommend any kind of system or optimising your existing systems we critically analyse how you work by completing user interviews and personalised questionnaires. This clear & concise recommendation is based on your specific needs & ideal future state.

The right system to compliment how you work

With so many systems out there it’s hard to know what is the best solution. Businesses are also quick to jump into the next piece of software when a single solution can cover multiple use cases. With our detailed experience in implementing work management systems across a range of different industries we can quickly identify the best system to match to your current requirements and future goals.

Training & programs to drive adoption

You might have the best systems in the world, but if no one in your team knows how to use it then it’s likely they will fail. We have an extensive online program library that supports our done for you implementation & also allows you to do it yourself. Our practical training sessions, train the trainer options & world class support will ensure that your business hits the ground running to hit your goals.


For a recent project with Rebel Sport we worked with their creative and private brand teams to optimise workflows inside monday.com and move them away from traditional spreadsheets. Improving collaboration, communication and efficiency with a system designed to enable scale and ease of use. 

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The silent cost of inefficiency

Inefficiency is something that can slowly build up without you realising. As you become busier & busier you get stuck in the “doing of things”. With time constraining how you work it becomes a daily battle for efficiency & productivity. Our experts see this day in and day out. Realising the impact inefficiency is having on your ability to grow & drive profitable outcomes is normally step number one. Knowing you need to do something about it is only half the battle.

We can help you quantify the impact of your inefficiency & how it’s holding you back. Let us help you craft a management system that will help you hit your business goals.

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Systems drive everything

Systems are becoming more & more important everyday. The overwhelming choices can result in “software overload”. This is where you start using every piece of software, but none of them very well. It results in a fragmented approach to how you work & people getting frustrated with having to learn another system. It ends up being more work than you envision. This also doesn’t take into account the different levels of experience & skill required to adopt & use new technology & systems. Incorporating a work management system or fully optimising an existing one should be at the core of what you do.

Everything else should fall into place around it. Integrate other software only when you are comfortable with the adoption of your work management system.

What the right system looks like

The right system isn’t the same for every business. Out of the box most work management systems are extremely powerful, but the learning curve can be steep. Firstly, it’s hard to know if the system you’re selecting is the best for your organisation not only now, but as you get to your expected future state. The right system is one that adapts to the way you work & not the other way round. Having experience working with businesses across a range of industries we understand that everyone has unique circumstances. We bring in our industry knowledge & a fresh set of eyes to the challenges you are experiencing.

The selection of the right systems to build, adapt or integrate comes after we understand more about the way you work & your organisational goals.

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Work management system solutions

What exactly is a work management system? It’s a system that helps you organise the way you, your team & your business work. There are loads of different software options on the market including Asana, Monday, ClickUp, Basecamp, Trello, Jira & Notion to name a few. While they all do similar things, they have distinct differences & use cases. This means that certain solutions are more suited to different types of businesses or industries over others. In its simplest form a work management system in your business might be a to-do list, a spreadsheet, paper & pen or a word document.

We’re all used to tracking the things we need to do on a daily basis; work management systems take it to the next level allowing you to organise yourself, your organisational work & your team. Even better, you can link this work to your strategic objectives & goals in the one system.

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Based on your needs we match you with one of our service offerings. We recommend a solution based on your business, budget, skill level & timeline

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Your matched solution is implemented to help you hit your organisational goals, simplify operations & boost productivity

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“Simonds Homes have found Josh from WorkflowPower to be extremely helpful, saving our Marketing Team valuable time and resources as we sought to familiarise ourselves with entirely new project management software. Josh was able to listen to our individual needs and provide solutions which were efficient, and most importantly effective, for our team’s productivity and vision.”


“Working with Josh was both effective and enjoyable. He helped to create a stream of work in a short amount of time using his knowledge and experience. Josh was quick to respond to questions and guided us through the process one step at a time – we highly recommend his work and expertise. “


“Josh is a master of his trade. He has a unique ability to simplify processes and create a workable solution that can be implemented by a team. He went over and above the call of duty and created trainings so my team could start using the set up he created for us.”


Questions we’re regularly asked

Why should I choose WorkflowPower?

We specialise in delivering organisational efficiency & productivity using systems & automation. We have extensive experience with organisations of different sizes & across a range of industries. Chances are we’ve worked with someone similar to you, experiencing challenges that you’re facing. We can select, adapt, optimise, build, train & provide support across 3 core work management systems.

What countries do you work with?

We work with clients all over the world. With flexible meeting times & remote training becoming the norm we can meet the needs of clients no matter the timezone. If we can’t work with you we have other partners we can refer you to based on your needs & requirements.

Can you help if I'm already using Monday.com?

Definitely. We can review your current Monday.com workspace & discuss your challenges. An initial Monday.com audit is a great place to start to allow us an understanding of how we can add value to you & your team with optimisations, improvements & training.

Should I learn & do it myself or have an expert do it?

Going the DIY route to analysis & implementation using our online solutions is an excellent option & it delivers outstanding results. An investment of time is required for both DIY & if you engage us as a consultant to do the work for you. Working practically through the online foundation and solution options does give you an advantage when it comes to understanding the foundations of your work management system after implementation; it helps you implement things in the future with greater ease, and you may also quickly establish a super user within your organisation.

Will this help me manage my tasks & my team's tasks?

Definitely. This is the core ability of any work management system. Structured in the right way you are able to connect projects & tasks to each other in an easy to understand and manageable way. Task management & the visibility of what your team is working on is one of the foundational pieces of a work management system.

What is a workflow & systems expert?
A workflow & systems expert is someone that can take your business requirements & translate that into a technical software solution using a work management system. We aren’t virtual assistants or project managers. Our focus is on establishing & optimising the way you & your entire organisation works.
What industries do you work with?
We work with any industry. Some examples we’ve worked with include marketing, digital, creative, e-commerce, construction, accounting, security & data, real estate, coaching, training, education, government & more.
Can you integrate other software I’m using?

Yes we do. Where possible we try to limit the amount of software you use. Where integrations are required we are a certified Make partner and can deliver complex integrations across your software stack.

Who would I be working with?

The complexity of your project will determine how many team members are allocated to your project. Our managing director is closely involved in all implementation projects to ensure successful collaboration and launch.

What size businesses do you work with?

Our services are highly in demand. We work with all organisation sizes & provide different service options depending on your requirements. We provide consulting & implementation for clients that require a hands-on approach. Our world class online foundation programs & solutions are also available so we can reach as many potential clients as possible that want to work with us. These solutions are a great option if you want to spend some time everyday building and crafting your system.

Can you help if I’m already using Asana?
Definitely. We can review your current Asana workspace & discuss your challenges. An initial Asana audit is a great place to start to allow us an understanding of how we can add value to you & your team with optimisations, improvements & training.
Can you help if I'm already using ClickUp?
Definitely. We can review your current ClickUp workspace & discuss your challenges. An initial ClickUp audit is a great place to start to allow us an understanding of how we can add value to you & your team with optimisations, improvements & training.
How much does it cost to implement work systems?

Every client is different & the pricing will vary depending on your exact requirements. As a guide most of our consulting work is in the $10,000 – $50,000+ range. Our online solutions start at $2,000 and can be bundled with Enterprise plans where appropriate.

Do you offer free consultations & audits?
Yes, however at different times due to demand there may be a delay in us returning an audit or recommendation.
What are the best systems for work on the market?
There are lots of good options suited to different types of clients. Due to the fact we want to be experts in delivering solutions to clients we specialise in only three of them, while we have knowledge across most solutions. Our core expertise is in Asana, Monday & ClickUp.
How does the training work?

Training will vary depending on your needs. We provide access to our online programs to enable you to learn at your own pace & build the perfect work management system for your business. We also offer virtual training sessions that are practical, goal & objective oriented & personalised. In person training is available as well. We also offer a train the trainer option where we create all the training collateral with easy to follow screenshare videos for a person in your organisation to facilitate for the rest of the team.

Does it matter if I’m not good with technology?
A basic understanding of technology is useful. You don’t need to be an expert with most work management systems being super user friendly once the right structure is established. We also tailor our work to the clients needs and skill level.
How do we get started?

Getting started is easy. If you’re interested in our workflow consulting & implementation work or joining one of our online programs you can schedule a quick call here. We will discuss your challenges, goals, budget & give you a quick recommendation & the best option to engage with us. There are no obligations & a consultation call just helps us learn a bit more about what you do & how we could help.

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