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Setting up for a construction business

Running a construction business is task intensive with lots of things happening across a bunch of projects at any particular time. With high levels of dependency and deadlines it’s critical to get the structure of how you’re managing work right. is a great solution for a construction company to manage a whole range of different workflows.

Connecting your entire process from documentation to invoices to sales through to operations and handover can be done inside a single platform. Having a simple structure that your team can manage while on the go and give you visibility in a single snapshot can be achieved with Monday. is powerful enough to manage your CRM and lead flow and then right through to budgeting and job tracking. Forget multiple systems and lost information. will allow you to manage your whole construction workflow easily in one system. Structure is critical and getting this right from the start will allow you to create a system that is easy to use and manage.

Prospects through to operations

The sales cycle in a construction business is extensive. It can take months and months to take a prospect from initial contact through to a project. Managing that process across multiple systems can be confusing and inefficient. has powerful CRM capabilities that are well suited to construction companies. With simple automations and integrations you can also streamline your initial contact and onboarding process. The best part of being able to use for your CRM process is that you can take a prospect from contact right through to operations, delivery and handover in a single system.

Managing multiple projects

As a construction business owner you need to juggle multiple activities across different types of employees constantly. Having a system to create visibility and reduce overwhelm is one of the key benefits of using When structured correctly you can get key insights across all your projects at any one time in a single snapshot. Reduce time consuming scrolling and searching for information relating to particular projects. As the business owner you can quickly get the information you need and to view the status of projects on the go.

Integrations and automation becomes a powerful platform when you start thinking about the automations and integrations you can create within your construction business. Simple things like emailing clients, suppliers or trade partners can be automated. This data can then be stored in and you can create documents or visualise data in reports. The opportunities are endless providing you the ability to professionalise, streamline and improve how your business runs. The ultimate outcome is to do more of what you’re good at and have support you and your team to reach the goals in your business.

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