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Set up & optimise Asana for your bookkeeping business

Setting up Asana for a bookkeeping business

Asana can be a great project management and workflow system solution for bookkeepers. If you’re struggling to keep track of jobs, team members and repeating tasks then a system like Asana could be a solution. If scale and visibility is important and you are starting to build your remote team a well structured system is critical. If you’ve been looking at project management solutions for your bookkeeping organisation there are a few reasons why Asana is a great fit.

As a business that produces a high volume of work across multiple clients you need a simple and easy way to manage ongoing work. As volume increases some common problems include reducing visibility on work, missing turnaround times, missed deadlines and client issues. Asana can be a platform that can help eliminate or reduce the challenges you experience as a bookkeeper.

As you start to implement Asana as a bookkeeper it’s important you think about structure and how projects and tasks can help you achieve scale, but also provide simplicity and efficiency. If you’re looking for assistance with Asana implementation and training as a bookkeeper then talk to our team and see how we can help.

What’s the best structure?

The biggest question with any new Asana implementation is what structure to utilise. When you’re looking to create your new structure it’s important to look at your top level teams and how you can organise departments or functions into folder like structures. Once you have a clear picture on what your top level organisation looks like you should take time to plan what your projects should look like. In most instances having a project in Asana for each client seems easy on face value, however at scale this can become cumbersome and inefficient. With experience on crafting structures for high volume finance business an approach that typically works is workflow projects and clients as tasks. Take time to plan your structure and critically think about how you can maintain simplicity and efficiency.

Scaling with remote employees

As your business scales and you start looking for efficiencies it’s likely that you will begin to bring in remote employees. The problem starts as you offload more and more work. Visibility becomes critical and you also need a system that is easy for team members to learn and use. With the right structure you can create efficiencies with Asana that can become more and more evident as you scale and bring in remote employees. One of the biggest advantages of Asana is that you can bring communication into a single system and you can also streamline communication and collaboration aligned to where tasks are being completed.

Structure helps with repeating workflows

As a bookkeeping business it’s likely you have repeating tasks that need to be done for clients on a regular basis. These might be daily, weekly or monthly. As you offload tasks to other team members, being able to track and record these tasks is critical. Asana is a great way to manage repeating workflows and tasks. Again, implementing the right structure is crucial to ensure that you reduce task overload, but get enough visibility to ensure that things are getting done appropriately.

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