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Set up & optimise Asana for your real estate business

Setting up Asana for a real estate business

Running a busy real estate business on a work management system like Asana can give you clear visibility and accountability on the operational activities you need to complete. It can also become a central location to store information and retain workflow data on properties, tenants, sales and prospects. Asana can be a fully functioning tool for your real estate business or it can manage more operational activities, while other systems manage your common real estate functions like prospecting.

When creating a setup for your real estate business in Asana you need to be aware of how to structure things right. With a high volume of properties, tenants and sales you can become quickly overwhelmed if things aren’t done right. With the right structure you should have simplified workflow views and be able to scale up and down with ease.

If you’re thinking about Asana for your real estate business or need help optimising your current workspace then talk to a member of our team today. We can provide advice, audits and recommendations on the most appropriate structure to implement.

What’s the best structure?

The best structure for a real estate business is one that is simple and allows you to have clear visibility across your workflows. The utilisation of tasks for things like properties, sales, leads and tenants ensures that you reduce potential overwhelm and create a simple system that is easy to use and scale. The automation and movement across workflows can come after you have a strong foundation in the structure. Being able to understand what structure you should implement and why will be key to learning how to use Asana in the most efficient way possible.

Properties & people

Properties and people are likely the two most important things you need to manage in Asana as a real estate business. Getting the management of these two things right will ensure that you become more efficient operationally and you get increased visibility on what’s happening. Various tasks and activities will need to be performed regularly for properties under management or for properties for sale. Being able to adequately plan and manage when and how these things will happen is a powerful feature of Asana.

Checklists and ongoing tasks

Checklists are a big part of what a real estate business does. This is especially true for properties under management. With a simplified system in Asana you can create and automate checklist subtasks at various points in your workflow or from predefined triggers. With the right Asana structure you can simplify how recurring tasks are created and managed easily and at scale.

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