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Setting up for a digital agency

Operating a digital agency is a fast paced environment that requires you to manage multiple clients, juggle activities both ad hoc and recurring and manage a diverse and often remote workforce. Having a technical aptitude and working in the digital space most agencies feel comfortable using a work management system to a certain extent. can be extremely powerful for digital agencies looking to supercharge and streamline how they work. is intuitively easy to use and usually has excellent adoption from marketing and creative teams. Structure is still critical because operationally once you hit the ground running with a system it can be hard to undo things. With a huge volume of repeating tasks and reliance on freelancers and contractors it can be hard to get things right from the outset. Setup correctly can unlock your ability to scale and maintain control of what’s happening.

If you’re looking for help implementing for your digital agency, talk to our implementation team about how we can build a scalable solution that will help you succeed.

Scaling your repeating workflows

Running a digital agency typically results in a bunch of client work that happens at specific times each every day, week or month. Managing and tracking this week becomes problematic as you grow and grow. The more clients you take on the harder it is to systemise what you do and clear visibility on where things are at. allows you to easily establish a system & process to manage recurring work. With smart automations you can reduce manual tasks and eliminate extensive project management planning and coordination.

Onboarding clients made easy

Getting a new client means a big checklist of things to get and do. As you onboard more and more clients this can traditionally get messy and hard to manage. Using you can simplify your onboarding process by starting with information collection using forms and using its submission to trigger your workflow. With a huge amount of flexibility can simplify the onboarding process from initial client engagement, right through to delivery and the operational work you undertake.

Stakeholder collaboration

As you run your recurring optimisation work and ad hoc projects across your agency for clients you typically have to collaborate with a range of stakeholders. They may be the client themselves, external contractors, other agencies and partners to deliver work and provide continual updates. gives you multiple ways to engage stakeholders and bring them into your workspace. With a range of integrations you can also talk to other partners’ systems to retain control, but give ultimately visibility.

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