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Setting up Asana for an ecommerce business

Running an ecommerce business can be challenging. You may be manufacturing, sourcing, storing and delivering products through online orders. You may also be dropshipping and simplifying the ecommerce process. Whatever type of ecommerce business you operate you have a high volume of tasks, support requirements and still need to manage simple and complex workflows. Asana can be a powerful work management system that alleviates and addresses many of the operational challenges associated with running an ecommerce business.

Structure is super important when setting up Asana for your e-commerce business. You likely have high volume and defined workflows. How you structure Asana should simplify this process and facilitate the tasks for your core operational tasks associated with both products and orders.

If you’re looking to implement Asana for your ecommerce business talk to our team and find out how we’ve been able to help clients achieve increased visibility and better operational efficiency.

Products and orders

Products and orders are the core to everything you do. Without either of them you don’t have a functioning ecommerce business. Optimising workflows associated with each of these things can be done easily with Asana. Due to the sheer volume of products and orders that can occur in an ecommerce business and how they can go through multiple workflows you need a well defined way to structure Asana for scale and success. Once you’re able to create a seamless way to manage these workflows your organisational efficiency will improve and Asana will simplify and streamline your visibility on your operations.

Marketing & optimisation

To generate sales you need to test new products, complete fulfilment actions and then optimise them for sale by internal or external marketing activities. Being able to seamlessly track this in Asana enables you to get a clear picture of the performance of your products and optimise for future performance. A well structured workflow in Asana can simplify your marketing operations and also your fulfilment process. As you scale more and more of the same activities you can build a well oiled machine that team members can join as you grow.

Connecting workflows

It’s highly likely that any product or order will go through multiple workflows. An order may go through fulfilment and then maybe it forks off to customer support or returns. The management of this process in Asana can be made easy with a structure that focuses on orders and products as your core workflow items. A product for example might go through testing, through to photos and website optimisation and finally through to marketing and testing. Think about if you have to do this hundreds of times for hundreds of products. It seems daunting at first, but a well planned structure in Asana can manage this process easily.

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