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Set up & optimise ClickUp for your bookkeeping business

Setting up ClickUp for a bookkeeping business

If you run a bookkeeping business a project management system is vital to how you coordinate, track, manage and scale your operations. Keeping track of all your clients, when things are due and who is responsible for what can quickly become a headache. ClickUp can be an excellent solution to help you coordinate and stay on track with your bookkeeping tasks and clients.

Having recurring workflows and repeatable tasks means you constantly need to be managing the status of your clients and projecting when things need to be done in the future. With remote employees it can make the planning and management of these tasks even more difficult. ClickUp is a solution that can help you manage organisational processes and tasks with ease.

If you’re looking for help implementing ClickUp in your bookkeeping business then talk to an expert member of our team today. We can help you plan, build and operate an efficient structure in ClickUp.

Planning the best structure

Knowing what to create is half the battle when you first look to implement ClickUp. Being able to take advantage of the native hierarchy in ClickUp for the most efficient structure is key. Once you have the structure right your workflows should be planned and built in a way that will give you the most success operationally. Due to the recurring nature of how you need to complete work as a bookkeeping business an incorrect structure will result in bottlenecks and task overload. Plan your structure out visually and carefully before you begin the implementation processes. Think about what spaces, folders and lists you need and start to think about the connecting nature of your workflows. Upfront planning will result in less problems during execution of tasks.

Scaling your remote team

Most bookkeeping businesses will have an element of remote employees. They may be completing bookkeeping work or they may be providing admin or virtual assistant services. As you scale out a remote workforce an efficient project management system becomes a priority. With a whole range of features to support remote collaboration, ClickUp can be a powerful tool to keep your team engaged & on track.

Repeating tasks at scale

Repeating tasks can be a problem at scale if your structure is inefficient. Do you have clients as tasks, how do you set up folders for an accurate view of clients and all the activities related to & how do you automate the assignment, notification and pushing of dates can be some questions that come up. Structure repeating tasks for success will come back to how you implement your structure. Repeating cycles and the assignment of tasks can be done natively in ClickUp with ease.

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