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More than just an online course! We’ve taken our years of experience implementing Asana into organisations to create self paced content that will help you get the most out of how you work. We cover more than just Asana features. By focusing on hierarchy, structure, efficiency and simplicity we take you through step by step how to plan, create, implement and scale how you work with Asana.

We know many of the challenges that come with creating an Asana setup. With expert guidance, videos and templates you’ll be on your journey to Asana greatness in no time.

With lifetime updates you’ll get first looks at some of the newest Asana updates and how to use them. You’ll also join a growing community of Asana users learning how to maximise workflow efficiency and productivity. Complete the form to register your interest today so we can confirm your eligibility.

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Lifetime access to exclusive content

Once you join Asana assembly you have access to the content forever. With continual product releases Asana is regularly changing. We take these releases and turn them into new lessons and content. We provide easy ways for you to implement these into Asana and build upon prior learning. With lifetime access you enjoy first access to these important updates.

Self paced, online & practical

We know life is busy and it can be hard to fit everything in when you’re running a business. All the content in Asana assembly is self paced, online and practical. This let’s you go at your own pace and build in Asana while you’re learning. It’s a great option for super users within your organisation who are looking to upskill their knowledge in Asana. You can build your Asana foundation from the ground up with easy to follow screenshare videos and downloadable templates.

Backed by our expert community

As true Asana experts you’ll be learning from the best in the industry. In addition to the education content you will also get instant access to our community. Our Facebook group allows you to connect with our expert team and talk through challenges. You will also be able to connect with other organisations that are using Asana and finding solutions to common challenges that you might be experiencing.

You’ll learn how to build a powerful Asana system

You will learn about more than just what Asana’s features can do. You’ll learn how to build an effective system and integrate Asana’s powerful features. We will take you through step by step how to create a system with Asana. We will then take you through the advanced functionality available in Asana.


The Asana Hierarchy

Learn more about the Asana hierarchy and why it’s important.


Member v Guests

Understanding members v guests and how it affects the cost.



How to plan structure and the basics of project v task.


Template Library

How to start your template library and how to use it effectively.


Sections & Columns

The basics of sections and columns and why they are important.


Task Conventions

Learn the basics of task conventions and how to use them.



Implementing subtasks into your workflows the right way.


Task Templates

Speed up your workflows with task templates.



How to structure milestones in your projects and timelines.


Custom Fields

Creating and using custom fields successfully.


Project Types

The two workflow project types we recommend to use.


Project Linkage

Link your projects to build connected workflows.


Asana Rules

Building basic automation with simple Asana rules


Using Zapier

Integrating Zapier to supercharge your workflows.



Learn how to automate email in conjunction with Asana.


My Tasks

How to structure My Tasks for individual productivity.



Managing the inbox to collaborate and communicate.



Commenting and building collaboration habits in Asana.



Learn how to manage capacity easily with Asana.


Proofing & Feedback

Using the proofing functionality in Asana for creative feedback.


Advanced Searches

How to use advanced searches to get the data you want.



Establish dashboards for data visualisation.


Timeline & Dependencies

Learn how to utlise timeline and build dependent workflows.



Get the zoomed out view of your projects with Portfolios.


Overview Projects

How to integrate overview projects into your workflow.



Start your workflows with Asana forms.



Build OKR’s and sync them to your ongoing work.


Multi Homing

Getting your tasks to live in multiple projects easily.


DIY Training Library

How to easily build training into your Asana workspace.


Process Library

Creating a process library to integrate with your workflows.


Asana Conventions

Build a conventions library to ease team adoption.



Learn how to integrate Slack effectively into Asana.

Advanced workflows with our power up programs

Questions we’re regularly asked

How much is it to join?

$1,997. This payment can be split into 3 monthly payments or a discount can be applied to upfront payments.

How much time do I need?
The course is self paced so you have an unlimited amount of time to complete. We suggest being able to complete at least 1 lesson every week to ensure you’re getting the most out of the content.
How do the lessons work?

We provide a screenshare video, written content and downloadable templates. You can watch the videos and follow along, building while you learn.

Is the content up to date?

We regularly review and update the content with new feature releases and as general enhancements are required.

How do I join?
Complete the form on this page to register your interest and for us to assess your eligibility. We will contact you to learn more about your business and the features of the program.
How does the Facebook group work?
We give you access to the Facebook group to ask questions and get general support relating to Asana. Our team can provide guidance as well as other businesses within the group.