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Set up & optimise Asana for your accounting business

Setting up Asana for an accounting business

Are you looking to find the best way to manage processes and team members using Asana. As a work management system and project management tool, Asana can be super useful for accounting businesses. As more and more teams move to remote working and geographic disparity is more apparent, a well structured system to manage operational tasks is very important.

When setting up Asana for your accounting business it’s important to take into account the best structure to implement. As a high volume and scale business it’s likely you have multiple clients that you perform multiple tasks and activities for on a regular basis. Missing deadlines, understanding key dates and assigning and distributing work can be some key challenges.

Asana can be a useful platform to coordinate and manage your accounting workflow processes. If you’re looking to implement Asana for your accounting business or if you’re searching for training related to Asana for accountants then take some time to talk to our team about how we can help with implementation, online do it yourself programs and ongoing training and support.

Structure that enables scale

When you’re looking to create a system in Asana for your accounting business you should always start by identifying the most appropriate structure. Clearly defined teams and identifying the types of projects to create will be critical as you add more and more clients. Your structure should enable scale and should compliment how you work without creating an inefficient additional overhead. We have experience crafting structure solutions that help you maintain clients easily and with clear transparency on where they sit within your organisational processes. Taking the time to plan the most appropriate structure will provide good long term outcomes once you’re up and running with Asana.

Visibility on your remote teams

More and more accounting businesses are moving towards remote offshore teams for the more mundane and repetitive tasks. This does provide cost efficiencies, however there can be issues around delivery, visibility and client satisfaction without the right system to support the team. Asana does a great job of integrating team members and improving collaboration on workflows, processes and tasks. By following the right structure principles you should get improved visibility on your entire organisation and more zoomed in views on how particular teams or departments are working towards your goals.

Managing repeating tasks

As an accounting business you likely have a schedule of repeating tasks that need to be done over and over again. This can become cumbersome and difficult to manage even in a tool like Asana. Knowing how and where to structure your repeating tasks for success can be difficult to achieve. Asana is great at providing repeating task functionality, scale becomes a problem if you don’t set up things correctly.

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