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Set up & optimise Asana for your construction business

Setting up Asana for a construction business

A construction business is typically task intensive and has highly dependent workflows. These workflows are normally time sensitive and require the appropriate planning to ensure that schedules stay on track, team members are aligned, suppliers are organised appropriately and sub contractors are resourced at the right times. Asana is a great tool for construction businesses to manage the entire range of workflows that exist.

These could be things from documentation, invoicing, sales and right through to operational work and delivery. Maintaining simplicity is key so the implementation of Asana can become a tool that supports your organisational work and not an unnecessary overhead.

If your construction business is thinking about using Asana then there are some common challenges to be aware of. This may include things like understanding the most appropriate structure to establish. It may also include understanding how to maintain the balance between simplicity and task overload, which can overwhelm many busy teams in the construction industry. If you’re looking for help establishing Asana for your construction business then talk to our implementation team about how we’ve helped our construction clients establish Asana and achieve productivity and efficiency gains.

Materials and resource planning

One of the biggest pain points for a construction business is the organisation of materials and suppliers. Missing a cutoff point or forgetting the order of a specific material can affect the entire build timeline and your profitability. Using Asana you can adequately plan and pre-determine dates for material ordering, supplier contact and resourcing by subcontractors or team members. Templates can become extremely powerful as you complete the same process over and over for different clients or jobs. Clearly defined workflows can eliminate the administrative burden associated with materials and suppliers. It also ensures a central location for updates, especially if staff are away or on the job site. With Asana’s mobile app they can easily access it while they’re on the go.

Building project timelines

As a construction business most of your projects are long term and timelines can shift dramatically based on internal or external factors. Using Asana you can create & build dynamic timelines that can be shared internally amongst stakeholders in the project or even externally with clients as you map out the build process. These timelines can be shifted as different tasks fall due. By utilising dependencies you can show the impact of a final delivery date and how this will affect your business, resources and suppliers.

Managing multiple complex projects at once

It’s also likely that most of your projects follow a similar process, however they can become complex with multiple moving parts. This gets amplified at scale as you add more and more projects on top of each other. With Asana you can easily establish high level views with the right structure to identify the status of projects and their key milestone points. This approach can reduce overwhelm and help you zoom out on your construction business and identify the status of your projects and if you’re hitting your high level goals for each project. With an in-built functionality called Portfolios, Asana can help simplify how you manage your construction projects, track milestones and ensure everyone is on the same page.

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