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If you’re looking to become a true ClickUp expert in your organisation then join us in the ClickUp Crew. As our foundation online program we take you through the entire process to build and scale an efficient ClickUp system. Starting with the planning process we show you how to critically evaluate what the best structure to implement into ClickUp. We also walk you through the advanced ClickUp features and how to implement them successfully. With lifetime access you also get instant availability to join our industry and business function power ups. This is where you will find specific information relating to the industry you operate in and how to create workflows and implement ClickUp features. Apply to join today and talk to one of our team members about how you can become a ClickUp power user.

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Questions we’re regularly asked

Can I just join an industry online program?
Currently you have to be part of our foundation online program to get access to apply to join one of our industry specialisation courses. This is to ensure that you get the most out of your online learning and are able to be supported ongoing.
Can I just join an organisational function online program?
You need to be enrolled in the foundation Asana Assembly program to be able to apply to access the organisational function online programs. This is to ensure you are able to get the most out of your online learning with us.
Is the course content updated regularly?
Yes, we regularly update the course content with new features as they are released in ClickUp and we’ve tested them in different scenarios.
What bundle should we use?
We highly recommend bundling your industry specialisation with the foundation program. Once you’ve done that you can start to bring in other organisational functions that are important as you keep learning.
What is your experience with ClickUp?
We’ve worked with multiple clients optimising, implementing and adopting ClickUp. We’ve worked with all sizes and organisations all around the world.
I'm not sure if I'm the right fit for online learning?
Talk to a member of our team about the program. We can share some ingiths and provide sample information on course content so you’re more comfortable before you make a decision.

Why join a ClickUp online program?

Learning ClickUp is a continual process. Being in control of what you build and learning along the way is a major benefit of our online program. Done for you implementation can save you time and be more beneficial for complex workflow requirements. If you want to learn as you go or designate a super user to be the central resource for your organisation, then our online program is an excellent choice. We have many clients that continue their ClickUp journey after we do implementation work by joining the online program. They are able to get themselves or a team member involved in the continual learning of how to maximise the use of ClickUp in their organisation. Getting access to a community and lifetime updates on ClickUp releases ensures that you are maximising the return on investment once you join the ClickUp Crew.