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Set up & optimise Asana for your coaching business

Setting up Asana for a coaching business

Running a coaching business at scale can be challenging. As you focus on helping other businesses and business leaders optimise for performance you often forget or pay less attention to the systems in your own business. Being able to facilitate collaboration between you and your clients is crucial. Also, creating a central location to manage key expectations, how goals are tracking and the accountability aspect of coaching is important.

You can establish Asana for your coaching business and eliminate other unecessary software. It can be used as a tool to run your own internal processes and also as a collaboration and resource point for your client engagements. Being able to scale this solution in Asana is key, because it allows you to systemise how you work with clients.

Asana can be useful to manage a remote or in office team and keep your coaches accountable when it comes to client delivery and key expectations. If you run a coaching business and need a client portal and also an easy way to manage internal processes then talk to our implementation team and find out how we can simplify how your coaching business operates with Asana.

Build a coaching portal

People love having a coach, because it keeps them accountable and it also helps them establish goals and work through the ways to achieve them. If you’re operating as a coach it can sometimes be difficult to monitor, track and keep clients engaged with activities, goals and deliverables that need to be met. With a well structured Asana workspace you can easily create your own coaching portal and enable client access to clearly document expectations, track outcomes and provide a central resource location for your clients. Without the right structure and learning how to provide appropriate access your Asana client coaching portal can become messy and hard to manage.

Integrate internal and client tasks

It’s common to have a bunch of tasks that occur naturally during the course of your coaching calls and collaboration with the client. Having a central location to create these tasks is easy with Asana. Being able to then send them into predefined workflows or projects becomes a breeze and enables you to maintain clarity on what needs to be done, by who and when. Seamlessly integrate client and internal process tasks to ensure that you’re getting the right view all the time.

Simplify collaboration

We understand that collaboration is one of the trickiest parts of client work. With a million ways to communicate things often get lost. Slack, Teams, Chat and email are just a few ways coaches often like to collaborate. With Asana you can create contextual collaboration that is aligned to actual tasks you’re completing or goals your client is trying to achieve. Maintaining a simple way to collaborate is made much easier with Asana. If you’re set on a tool like Slack, it’s also possible to easily integrate the two and achieve similar collaboration outcomes internally and with clients.

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