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What is Marketsolve?

Designed for marketing teams and built from practical experience in implementing real world solutions across Enterprise. An efficient and powerful solution designed to enhance how marketing teams work, collaborate and deliver. From planning, to briefing, to campaign management and right through to asset delivery and creative production. Powered by marketing teams can improve how they work with ease.

Marketsolve is designed to supercharge your marketing team’s efficiency, collaboration, and productivity across all stages of the marketing lifecycle.

Efficient planning and briefing are crucial for successful marketing campaigns, and Marketsolve streamlines these processes. With customisable and intuitive workflows, you can easily create comprehensive plans and briefs, ensuring everyone is on the same page right from the start. This enables faster decision-making and eliminates unnecessary back-and-forth communication.

Campaign management becomes a breeze with Marketsolve. You can track project progress, allocate tasks, and set deadlines, all within a single platform. Real-time updates and notifications keep everyone informed and accountable, fostering seamless collaboration and eliminating bottlenecks. By centralising your campaign management, you save valuable time and reduce the risk of missed opportunities.

Asset approvals are streamlined through Marketsolve’s intuitive interface, allowing stakeholders to review and provide feedback in a structured manner. Say goodbye to endless email threads and confusing markups. Marketsolve keeps track of all feedback, ensuring a smooth approval process and faster time-to-market.

Reporting and analytics are essential for measuring marketing success, and Marketsolve provides comprehensive insights at your fingertips. Generate customised reports, track key performance indicators, and make data-driven decisions to optimise your campaigns. With Marketsolve, you can easily demonstrate the impact of your marketing efforts and fine-tune your strategies for better results.

Task management, proofing, creative production, and budgeting are seamlessly integrated into Marketsolve, offering a holistic solution for all your marketing needs. From managing creative assets and tracking project milestones to controlling costs and tracking expenditures, Marketsolve empowers you to efficiently oversee every aspect of your marketing operations.

At WorkflowPower, we understand the challenges faced by marketing teams. That’s why we have developed Marketsolve, a comprehensive marketing solution built on, designed to increase efficiency and collaboration throughout the entire marketing process. Say goodbye to disjointed workflows and welcome a streamlined, agile, and productive marketing environment. Contact us today to discover how Marketsolve can transform your marketing operations and drive success for your business.

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Marketing calendar & planning

Marketing planning and calendars are essential tools for successful campaign management, and with the innovative solution, Marketsolve, built by WorkflowPower and integrated into, businesses can streamline their marketing processes like never before. Marketsolve offers a comprehensive platform for creating, organizing, and tracking marketing plans and calendars, ensuring teams stay on track and meet their goals. With’s intuitive interface and WorkflowPower’s expertise, users can easily collaborate, assign tasks, set deadlines, and monitor progress. This powerful combination empowers marketing teams to optimize their campaigns, align strategies, and boost productivity, ultimately leading to improved results and increased ROI. With Marketsolve, planning and executing marketing initiatives has never been more efficient and effective.

Creative production seamlessly integrated

MarketSolve, powered by and built by WorkflowPower, offers a robust solution for creative production that streamlines the entire process. With MarketSolve, teams can collaborate seamlessly, from brainstorming ideas to final execution. The platform provides a centralised hub for managing creative assets, assigning tasks, and tracking progress, ensuring smooth communication and efficient workflows. MarketSolve’s powered by enhances visibility and transparency, allowing stakeholders to monitor timelines, deliverables, and feedback in real-time. By automating repetitive tasks and providing clear guidelines, MarketSolve empowers creative teams to focus on their core strengths, fostering innovation and delivering high-quality outputs. With this powerful combination, businesses can drive creativity, increase productivity, and achieve remarkable results in their creative production endeavours.

Resourcing, briefs, reporting & more

MarketSolve, powered by and built by WorkflowPower, offers valuable assistance to marketing teams in several key areas, including briefing, resourcing, and reporting. The platform provides a streamlined process for creating and managing briefs, ensuring all necessary information is captured and shared effectively. With MarketSolve’s intuitive interface and collaborative features, teams can easily allocate resources, assign tasks, and track progress, optimising efficiency and ensuring projects stay on schedule. Additionally, MarketSolve offers robust reporting capabilities, allowing marketing teams to generate insightful analytics and performance metrics. This empowers teams to make data-driven decisions, identify areas for improvement, and demonstrate the impact of their marketing efforts. MarketSolve provides a comprehensive solution that empowers marketing teams to excel in their briefing, resourcing, and reporting needs.

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Simple documentation

Screenshare videos are a valuable resource for helping people get started with MarketSolve, powered by and built by WorkflowPower. These videos provide step-by-step demonstrations, guiding users through the platform’s features and functionalities. By visually illustrating the process, screenshare videos enable users to quickly understand how to leverage MarketSolve effectively, maximising their productivity and proficiency in utilising the platform.

Backed by our professional support we can guide, implement and optimise MarketSolve to suit your organisations requirements.

Automated for workflow efficiency

Automations in MarketSolve, powered by and built by WorkflowPower, drive workflow efficiency by automating repetitive tasks and streamlining processes. These automations enable users to create customized workflows, automatically assigning tasks, sending notifications, and updating statuses. By reducing manual work and ensuring consistent execution, automations empower teams to focus on higher-value activities, enhancing productivity and overall efficiency within MarketSolve.

Manage marketing plans & resourcing

The MarketSolve solution provides comprehensive features for marketing planning, calendars, and resourcing. Users can create and manage marketing plans, set up calendars with tasks and deadlines, and allocate resources efficiently. This integrated solution enhances collaboration, visibility, and productivity, enabling marketing teams to execute strategies effectively and achieve optimal results.

Simplify the briefing process

Make briefing easy by simplifying the process of briefing campaigns and tasks. Users can create detailed briefs, outlining objectives, requirements, and deadlines. With clear instructions and communication channels, teams can efficiently collaborate, provide feedback, and track progress, ensuring successful campaign execution within MarketSolve.

Execute campaign activities

Managing campaign tasks with MarketSolve becomes effortless. The platform offers a user-friendly interface to organise and track campaign-related tasks. Teams can assign tasks, set deadlines, and monitor progress in real-time. This streamlined approach ensures efficient collaboration, effective task management, and successful campaign execution within MarketSolve.

Manage asset visibility

Tracking the status of assets and syncing them to creative production is seamless. Users can easily monitor the progress of assets, from ideation to completion, ensuring efficient workflow management. This integrated solution provides visibility, streamlines communication, and enables smooth coordination between teams, maximising productivity and accelerating creative production within MarketSolve.

Full workflow for creative production

MarketSolve empowers users to efficiently manage the entire creative production process. From idea generation and brief creation to asset management and final execution, the platform offers a centralised hub for seamless collaboration, task allocation, progress tracking, and reporting. This comprehensive solution ensures streamlined workflows, enhanced communication, and successful creative production within MarketSolve.

Incorporate all teams activities

Facilitate improved collaboration and integration across all marketing teams, including digital and e-commerce. MarketSolve provides a centralised space where teams can collaborate on projects, share information, and coordinate efforts. This holistic approach ensures seamless communication, alignment, and productivity across various marketing functions within a marketing team.

Track marketing budgets

Track financial budgets effectively. Enabling features to input and monitor budget allocations, track expenses, and generate reports. With clear visibility into financial data, teams can make informed decisions, optimise resource allocation, and ensure budget adherence with ease.

Dynamic reporting

Robust dashboards and reporting capabilities. Users can create customised dashboards to visualise key metrics, track progress, and gain insights into marketing initiatives. With comprehensive reporting features, teams can generate analytics, performance metrics, and ROI analysis, empowering data-driven decision-making.

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