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With no code and low code solutions using Make we can help integrate apps and technology across your business

Make integration experts

Make is a no code/low code solution that allows you to connect different apps together. It enables the transfer of data between apps and the capability to build full workflow automation without the need for custom development. This can reduce the technology cost, but also speed up the time for build and deployment. As Make experts we understand the full process to take your workflow requirements into execution across multiple apps. Highly flexible and easy to manage, Make is a perfect solution for streamlining data between your apps and also to initiate workflows at specific stages. Talk to an expert from our team about how you can use Make to integrate multiple apps and simplify how your team works.

Building full workflow solutions

Using as your primary work management system you can easily create an end to end workflow. Complexity arises as you incorporate other technology and duplication or manual entry is required. Make allows you to simplify how your workflow operates, reduce reliance on manual touch points and truly leverage automation for organisation efficiency & productivity.

Integrating apps in your technology stack

Most organisations have to run multiple technology apps to execute and complete their day to day work. As this stack of technology grows inefficiency can start to creep in. Different teams might also use things differently and you lose the benfits of consistency and standardisation. Using Make you can identify key integration points and build scenarios to manage your workflow requirements with automation at scale. Having your apps talking to each other can reduce human errors, reduce overwhelm and create efficient ways of working.

Low code solutions

Not every solution is black and white and sometimes you need to incorporate a custom API or build a solution for an app that doesn’t exist natively in Make. With low code capability to take API data and transform it to interact with other apps you can truly transform your workflow, without the expense of building costly custom apps.

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Questions we’re regularly asked

What is Make?
Make (formerly Integromat) is a no code/low code solution that allows you to connect different apps together and create a truly auomated workflow.
How much does it cost to use Make?

Make have plans that enable you to run a specified amount of operations each month. The cost is highly dependent on your workflow requirements, what apps your integrating and how complex your operations are. We provide Make integration work and consulting services and can scope and price requirements.

Is Make hard to use?

Building scenarios to connect your different apps can be time consuming and sometimes complex to establish. The visual builder in Make allows you to clearly see how your different apps run and what data will flow between them. As Make experts we can save you the time as we regularly build fully automated workflows with as the primary work management system.

Can't we just build our own app?

It’s possible to build your own app, however it can be too costly to create and manage. Make simplifies this process and allows you to automate data between different apps without the need for custom code.

Can we use API's?

Make allows low code solutions and the ability to connect API’s where this is no Make pre-defined app available. Talk to our team about your use case so we can assess your requirements.

What industries have you worked with?

We’ve worked with pretty much every industry there is. We’ve seen countless of the same problems and have overcome common challenges for clients over and over again. Having delivered a range of solutions in Make we only take on engagements where we can see what value we can add.

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