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Setting up for a manufacturing business

Running a manufacturing company has you running multiple projects with critical path timelines and dependencies at any moment in time. Due to the highly dependent nature of your workflows it’s easy to lose track of where work is at and keeping your team organised. is a perfect solution for manufacturing companies. It gives you the ability to get a high level overview of where things are at and easily monitor timelines. Automation also gives you control over timelines and the ability to shift dependent tasks with ease.

When creating a structure for your manufacturing business you should be thinking about how to keep it as simple as possible and also how you can maximise the efficiency of your setup at scale. What happens you have 5, 10 or even 20 processes happening at any single moment. If you’re able to get it right and implement the advanced features that live inside your manufacturing business will hit the ground running and your team will love the power the platform can bring to task management, project visibility and monitoring key timelines.

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Multiple views and timelines

With so many things happening across your manufacturing process it’s critical you get the data you want to see easily. You can do this easily in by using built in columns and the “view” functionality to filter different data views across your workflow boards. Building views can give different team members the data they want to see at the click of a button. It also enables you to reduce board overload and streamline your structure. One of the best views available in for manufacturing businesses is the gantt chart and timeline. This will help you track the overall delivery and timeframe for completion of specific processes.

High level planning and visibility

As a manager or business owner you need to get high level visibility into the status of your projects, processes and workflows. With the right structure implemented from the start you can easily achieve this with High level boards, dashboards and views can help you see what’s happening at a glance. In-built and advanced features inside can give you ultimate control and visibility on where everything is at.

Dashboards and dependent workflows

Critical path timelines during manufacturing and getting things to market quickly is the key to success. With you can create dependent workflows and with smart automation you can shift and move tasks as things change. Keeping realistic timelines and tracking them effectively helps you make better decisions. In addition to dependencies and timelines you also have the ability to build robust dashboards for reporting and live analysis. Using data from your actual workflows and processes can help you visualise the status of activities and where you need to focus your attention.

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