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Setting up for a not for profit business

Running a not for profit organisation results in a busy workload and typically you need a system that can help you manage and coordinate the entire operations. This could include activities across stakeholder collaboration, operations, finance, HR and general administration. is a powerful all-in-one work management system that can help your not for profit take control.

Implementing the right structure for your not for profit will enable you to streamline activities and simplify how you work. Running multiple departments, functions and the need to collaborate to deliver key projects is made easier with can easily handle the majority of functions you need to perform as a not for profit. If you’re looking for help, talk to our team about how we can help with implementation, adoption and training.

Managing the entire business

Coordinating a not for profit organisation isn’t easy. Juggling multiple activities, timelines and the priorities of multiple stakeholders can be a cumbersome job. can help you maintain visibility and also scale operations & deliver the work aligned to your mission and objectives. Structure with scale in mind will help you maintain a single system that is easy to use by the entire team, across different functions and departments. As you grow it’s easy to adopt more advanced features and integrations if you have the right structure in place from the beginning.

Dashboard your business data

Being able to visually represent your data internally between different teams, but also externally to stakeholders is a powerful part of With easy to set up visual charts you can create timely and relevant dashboards for your entire organisation. You can easily represent financial numbers, the status of projects and how you’re tracking in alignment with key objectives. By running your entire not for profit on you can quickly pull out important information to help with critical decision making.

Collaborate with external stakeholders

Collaboration is critical in a not for profit organisation. Being able to coordinate and collaborate across functions and teams is made more efficient and simple with Where you can really take things to the next level is the visibility you can create for external stakeholders and partners. You can share boards, timelines, dashboards and other views to give important information to the people who need to know what’s happening. You can avoid lengthy emails, calls and other activities that take you away from your core objectives.

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