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Setting up for a real estate business

A real estate business is busy with loads of things happening across multiple teams. Clear visibility and accountability are some of the benefits of implementing as a work management system solution. can become the hub for your admin, sales and operational work. It can also give you a solution to hold data on properties, tenants, sales, prospects and more.

When first creating a structure for your property business it’s important to think about scale and how you can keep things as simple as possible. Due to the high volume of activities and the need to track things like properties, sales, tenants and more you can quickly become overwhelmed or stuck with an administrative burden with the incorrect structure.

If you’re thinking about implementing for your real estate business, then talk to one of our experts. We can provide consulting, audits and training on how to implement effectively into your organisation.

Where to start?

When you first sign up for you get excited, because the platform is intuitive, easy to use and offers loads of potential around integrations and automations. The customisable nature of means that there are different ways to manage the same processes. Every organisation and business is unique. As a real estate business the structure of your account is super important. As you scale out your use of a work management system you can quickly become more inefficient and struggle operationally without the right structure. Thinking about workspaces, folders, board types and how to structure your workflows will put you in the best position for success and future growth.

Scaling property management

Property management has a series of activities at the onboarding stage and then at repeating cycles. Growing a rent roll or leasing portfolio is usually key to the value and success of a real estate business. Keeping it efficient as you add more and more properties can be achieved with With the correct structure you can build, automate and integrate to create a fully functioning system in that will help you hit your property management goals. From the leasing process to tenant requests to landlord requests, it’s possible to use as a complete solution for your property management requirements.

CRM and connecting workflows

A CRM is a must have in a real estate business. What can make that CRM even more powerful is how it connects to your sales, admin and operational workflows. With you can achieve this. It’s possible to build a fully functioning CRM that is powerful and simple enough to be used by your sales team. As workflows progress you can connect your CRM to other boards and activities for members across your team. Keeping everything connected in a single platform increases efficiency and reduces errors. You can also visually dashboard CRM data for meetings, performance reviews and sales tracking. can be that all-in-one solution for your entire operations.

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If you want to become a power user and enjoy learning on the fly, while building out then our online program called the Masterclass might be for you. You might also have a super user in your organisation that wants to be the champion, but they are struggling to put everything together. In our foundation online program we’ll take you through the exact steps to create a powerful system. From planning, to implementation and the adaption of the advanced features we’ve got you covered. You can bundle this online program with our real estate power up. You can get insight and the practical steps on how to create a setup for your real estate business. We cover exactly how to plan your structure for scale and cover the process of building a CRM, managing properties, tenants, sales and more. If you want to create a setup on your own for your real estate business then this course is for you. We’ll take you through it with screenshare videos, text content and downloadable templates.