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Setting up Asana for a marketing team

Marketing teams within organisations are typically the first to adopt work management and project management systems. With a high volume of tasks and requests being sent from all parts of the business it is imperative to be organised. Asana can be a powerful work management system for marketing teams to manage inbound creative requests, traffic manage projects and collaborate with stakeholders.

An Asana setup for your marketing team is crucial to get right. The right structure is dependent on factors such as the size of your team, volume of requests and the dependency of teams to complete deliverables and manage the completion of projects.

If used right Asana can simplify creative requests and automate the management of your marketing workflow to achieve efficiency and visibility for the entire team. If you’re looking for help establishing Asana for your marketing team or optimising how you’re currently using it then reach out to a member of our team. We’ll run you through some best practice approaches and examples we’ve completed for large marketing teams inside enterprise size organisations.

Creative requests & briefs

Briefs can be a challenge for marketers. Getting consistent information or even getting the right information can be difficult. Simplifying how different teams brief work into you as the marketing team can be a powerful feature of Asana. With the right project structure you can utilise Asana forms to manage inbound requests and automatically kickstart your marketing workflow. Eliminate other time consuming channels like email & centralise where your creative requests start and with the exact information you need to collect.

Templates for repeating work

Once you’ve been briefed, the next challenge is the coordination and management of the tasks required to complete the brief. There are multiple ways to structure Asana successfully based on your team size. It may include the utilisation of both task and project templates to manage the tasks that need to be completed. By using templates you can eliminate timely project setup requirements typically completed by a traffic manager. With the right structure Asana can do the bulk of the heavy lifting for you.

Capacity management

Capacity is a constant balancing act for a marketing team. While most requests that come in are deemed urgent, it doesn’t take long for the team’s capacity to be maximised. With Asana you can do both forward planning, current capacity planning and review previous capacity to make informed decisions around workload, deadlines and staffing requirements. With the powerful Portfolios feature you’re able to easily manage the capacity of the team and identify team members that are over or under utilised and adjust your resources accordingly on the fly. This helps you hit your objectives and deliver work back in an efficient and timely way.

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