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Setting up for a travel business

Planning and managing travel itineraries, plans and trips as a business owner requires you to juggle multiple activities simultaneously across a range of different clients. gives you the power to streamline your operations, create visibility and align to your clients expectations. With tight timelines and the requirements to book at specific time intervals you need an efficient system that is automated and reduces most of the manual overhead associated with travel planning and bookings.

As an intuitive and easy to use work management system can help you take control of your operational planning in a single system. It enables you to template client itineraries and internal team tasks. You can take advantage of advanced features and build a robust system that will have your team delivering exceptional trips for your clients.

Timelines made easy

Timelines and key dates are critical to effective trip planning. Managing multiple clients at a single time and juggling multiple projects simultaneously can be difficult as you grow. has excellent in-built features including timelines & gantt charts that can help you coordinate both individual trips and by aggregating multiple trips and identifying key dates and milestones. This is useful for internal planning and alignment to trip dates and also for external sharing with clients.

Quickly seeing trip planning status

Being able to see the status of trips visually is powerful for a travel business as you can quickly get a snapshot of where things are sitting across the entire business. can be customised to build distinct workflows for your travel business that covers a high level overview of your trip planning. With this view you can get increased visibility and reduce overwhelm when it comes to the status of trips and planning how they’re organised.

Dashboards for trip tracking and planning

You can extend even further with dashboards to pull out key stats and information to visualise in up to date reports. This can be useful for internal planning, task allocation and managing capacity. With the correct structure and well built workflows you can initiate dashboards that bring your data to life with visual information to help business decision making.

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