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Setting up for an ecommerce business

E-commerce businesses can be challenging to operationally manage. The vision of having an online store and sitting back on the beach while money rolls in is far from the truth. As an e-commerce business owner you may be manufacturing, sourcing, store & delivering products. You might not even hold any physical products and employ dropshipping to deliver products to your consumers. No matter what way you operate your business the common pattern is that you have a large amount of operational tasks, you need to support customers and you have requirements to manage simple & complex workflows. can be a great solution to help you manage the operational challenges that exist for an e-commerce business.

Structure is critical, because at scale you could be managing hundreds of products and orders at any single time. can be structured in a way to give you control and visibility over your customer service, order and product workflows.

If you’re looking to implement for your e-commerce business then talk to our team to learn a bit more about how we can help.

Automating order management

Orders are the core of what you do. Off the back of the orders your ecommerce business receives it’s likely you need to track and manage specific requests or track certain activities. can be a powerful solution to enable the management of orders in an automated and streamlined way. At scale a well optimised order management workflow can help you manage things like returns, problems, fulfilment and more.

Manage product listings

Just like orders, products become the core of what you do as an ecommerce business. It might be as simple as updating a product description, to changing images to making a product video. It may be as complex as going through a manufacturing process or sourcing particular products or raw materials. is customisable and powerful enough to cover all your product workflow requirements. The ongoing management and optimisation of product listings is made super easy with

Marketing & creative optimisation

To get people to your ecommerce business you need to advertise. You also need to continually optimise your advertising to deliver better results and scale your business. With native integration for Facebook Ads, is a powerful and reliable solution to manage the process of marketing setup and optimisation. Connecting that marketing work through to products going through other workflows is how you can make a powerful and all-in-one solution for your business.

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