What Is monday.com?

monday.com is a work management system that allows teams to manage organisational workflows & projects

Why monday.com?

monday.com has become a leader in the work management system space. As an easy to learn and use system it enables organisations to take all their organisational processes from sales & marketing to operations and right through to documentation and storage into a single system. Visually monday.com is easy to understand and many organisations can quickly adapt to monday.com and how it works. While building complex workflows can be more challenging a full suite of features enables you to create a system that suits your organisation.

monday.com excels when it comes to automation & integrations. With a full list of “workflows” to customise how you work you’re able to reduce the reliance on manual tasks and handling. It also seamlessly integrates with a range of apps to ensure your entire ecosystem of software is able to talk to monday.com

While traditionally a work management system monday.com gives you the flexibilty to do anything. You can create a CRM to manage your sales process. You can create a library to store images and documents. You can build workflows to onboard clients. You can create workflows and dashboards to manage your day to day operational work. If you do it inside your business it’s likely monday.com will be able to help you manage it.

Join PowerUp with monday.com

PowerUp with monday.com is an exclusive group where you can learn and collaborate to get the most out of monday.com for your organisation. You’ll access an online community with content containing workflow solutions, new features, apps and automations. Within a single login you can access our content library, join group calls, have your monday.com questions answered and collaborate with our teams and your peers using monday.com to achieve workflow efficiency.

monday.com implementation

Implenting monday.com into your organisation can seem daunting at first. If you have multiple functions or departments it can be time consuming to create, learn and then train your team to use monday.com. As monday.com implementation experts we can take your organisational processes and create a working system. We know what works, what to create and how to make it as efficient and simple to use as possible. Learn how we can take your organisation from monday.com starters to true experts.

Online learning resources

Online learning is a journey and sometimes it’s difficult to get specialised training for your business or industry. General knowledge is great, but you still have to learn how to apply that to your organisation. Having worked with hundreds of clients optimising monday.com for their specific industry we’ve learnt what works and what doesn’t. We’ve applied this learning to industry specific and organisational function specific online solutions in our masterclass. Find exactly what you need tailored to your organisation.

Here’s just a few of our monday.com case studies

Questions we’re regularly asked

Do you work with clients on the free monday.com plan?

No. We only work with clients that are using paid plans. To get the best results we regularly implement features that required a paid plan.

What countries do you work with?

We work with monday.com clients all over the world. Get in touch to organise a suitable time. With remote working and virtual sessions we can create solutions that work for our clients.

Can you optimise what I already have in monday.com?

Yes. A great starting point for us is to assess what you currently have built in monday.com. We can then take what you have and recommend a solution based on our experience.

Is monday.com easy to learn?

monday.com is very user friendly. There is a steep learning curve initially, like any new software. While it’s easy to use, challenges happen when people don’t know how to structure things right. This can affect the team and how you do things daily.

What are your monday.com certifications?

We have undertaken monday.com certification and can deliver monday.com implementation services. We’re also a certified channel partner delivering full service sales, onboarding and training solutions for organisations.

Should I move from something else to monday.com?

It depends. We can help validate the reasons wy you’re thinking of switching. Every business is different, however there may be certain circumstances when monday.com is the best solution.

Here’s some things you can learn about monday.com


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monday.com powerful features

monday.com has a range of powerful features that you’re team can take advantage of to supercharge how you work. A few of these include:


Workspaces are a great starting point to organise and plan your monday.com hierarchy. If you have multiple departments or need to restrict access in monday.com for certain teams or members the workspace level is a great place to start. Understanding workspaces is critical to getting your structure right.


Folders are next in your hierarchy and being organised becomes much easier with the use of folders. Being organised through the use of folders can provide clear segmentation among teams and users in monday.com


Teams are a great way to organise the people who are using monday.com. Quickly being able to assign teams to workspaces, boards and items becomes much easier. Critically thinking about teams and how they align to workspaces is important to create a clear and organised monday.com instance.


Boards are where you create and do all of your primary work inside monday. With so much flexibility it can be hard to know the best way to structure your boards. With custom columns and a range of different views you can customise boards to suit your requirements.


Columns are really where you start to introduce customisation into your monday.com setup. With the ability to create columns to manage status, date, assignee, time tracking, files and more. Your columns can also be used for automation and triggers for your workflows.


If you’re struggling with too many manual touch points in your day to day work or if you want to simplify how and when things happen monday.com is a great way to automate. It can take simple or complex workflows and create recipes to achieve organisational efficiency. Streamline how you work in a variety of ways with pre-built recipes or build your own with custom automations.


Most organisations use a range of different software solutions to meet their ongoing operational needs. Having them talk to each other can sometimes be overwhelming. monday.com introduces integrations that can seamlessly slide into your boards and workflows to achieve efficiencies.


Visually representing the data in your organisation is important. Whether it’s identifying the status of things or calculations they can be useful tools for analysis and decision making. monday.com makes this easier with dashboards that can take data in your boards and create a variety of charts in an easy to use dashboard.


Documents are a necessary part of all businesses. Integrating them seamlessly into your day to day work is less of a problem with monday.com. You can utilise your favourite file sharing service like Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive or you can use the in-built docs feature inside monday.com. Integrating standard operating procedures and policies also becomes easier.

One Platform. Limitless Workflows

Manage any kind of project, workflow or process inside your organisation with monday.com

Explore our monday.com solutions

Take advantage of our pre-buit solutions dedicated to workflows and industries we’ve had practical experience with. Leveraging our expertise we’ve created this solutions to give you an advanced start on building out your own monday.com workflows


Retail Hub

Our pre-built solution, Retail Hub, is designed specifically for businesses in the retail industry. It includes a range of features that help businesses manage their store operations, product development, range reviews, employee management, and marketing efforts.



Marketsolve, powered by monday.com and built for marketing teams by WorkflowPower, is a powerful solution designed to enhance the efficiency of marketing operations. The platform streamlines workflows, automates repetitive tasks, & fosters collaboration.



PMO Pro, powered by monday.com, is your comprehensive project management solution. It simplifies every aspect of project oversight, from tracking schedules and timelines to managing risks, issues, resources, and financials. Built for efficient project management at scale.


Manufacturing Master

Manufacturing master enables efficient stage gate and project management capabilities leveraging the power of monday.com. Simplify assessment, timelines, resourcing, adhoc requests and the management of equipment & machinery.


Accounting Assist

Our pre-built solution for accountants is designed to help accounting firms manage their clients and streamline their workflows. With features like client management, repeating tasks, and workflows for BAS, PAYG, and financial returns, our solution can help accountants save time.


Coaching Corner

Our coaching solution is designed to help you onboard and manage new coaching clients. Create a CRM and then stage your new clients through onboarding and into the creation of a new client portal to collaborate with them in a dynamic and easy to use environment

One workspace to do it all

Planning, coordinating, collaborating and delivering work has never been easier. Use monday.com to build workflow solutions that can meet the varying needs of your teams.

Insight into your teams work

Get more clarity on how your team is working, your resourcing levels and the capacity of individuals to take on more work. Quickly and easily make critical business decisions to hit your goals and deliverables.

Streamline how you collaborate

Communication is critical to your success. Bring all your collaboration into a single tool with monday.com. Conversations aligned to tasks, projects and workflows will mean less time on chasing updates.

Build overviews with dashboards

Quickly get high level overviews of critical data for your organisation. See all your ongoing work, data and the performance of your teams at a single glance. Easy to build dashboards means you can start to build robust reporting at all levels of your business.

Over 125,000 organisations around the globe are using monday.com to run and coordinate their work

monday.com full suite of products can help take operational workflows, sales, marketing, development, HR, creative, finance and more to the next level. If you’re struggling with getting the right visibility, planning and coordination monday.com is the solution that can help.

Integrate with your favourite tools at the click of a button

The flexible Work OS offers in-depth and effective solutions for every department and use case across your organisation. With the core work management platform and products aligned to different functions it’s never been easy to manage your own distinct workflows, while simplifying collaboration and communication

Monday CRM

Centralise your sales & CRM workflows to simplify collaboration & communication. After a sale trigger your operational workflows in one platform.

Monday Marketer

Plan marketing strategy, deliver campaigns, schedule content & social media posts. Track everything with native integrations

Monday Dev

Sprint management, handle bug queues and handle dev your own way. Run retros and deliver product solutions with speed and ease.

Monday Projects

Manage small, big and medium projects. From planning through to execution and task management. Projects are made easy with Monday.