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Set up & optimise ClickUp for your accounting business

Setting up ClickUp for an accounting business

Are you using ClickUp to manage your accounting functions? As a tool you can use to manage clients & activities at scale ClickUp can be powerful. With the growth of remote work and more accounting businesses starting to offshore transactional work a work management system like ClickUp can be critical to success and growth.

When you first establish a ClickUp account it’s easy to get started, however structure should be the first thing you pay particular attention to. With a high volume of clients and repeating tasks you should try to take advantage of the ClickUp hierarchy with scale in mind.

With powerful features like integrations & dashboards you can streamline how you work inside a single platform using ClickUp. If you’re looking for help building out a ClickUp workspace for your accounting business talk to a member of our team today. We can help with online programs, done for you implementation and other training and support as required.

Using the hierarchy for scale

One of the biggest advantages natively inside ClickUp is the hierarchy. With the right structure from the outset you can create clear visibility at scale by building with the hierarchy in mind. With a huge amount of clients it can be difficult to accurately represent what’s happening inside an accounting business at any one time. By thinking critically about how you will structure your spaces, folders and lists you can hit the ground running with a new ClickUp account.

Easily manage remote employees

Remote employees are an important part of scaling accounting businesses. Remote teams can increase the barriers when it comes to communication and collaboration. ClickUp can fill the gaps inside your accounting business to provide clear transparency on what’s happening and who’s doing what. With an easy way to assign tasks and communicate it’s possible to centralise all your work directly into ClickUp and easily onboard remote employees as you grow.

Handle recurring workflows

Recurring workflows are one of the biggest challenges for accounting businesses. How you can handle this at scale in a work management system like ClickUp can also be problematic. With powerful in-built functionality for recurring tasks can help you achieve seamless approaches to your repeat dates for tasks. With the right structure you’ll be able to take advantage of the repeat functionality in ClickUp and simplify how your team works and the administrative burden of creating tasks ongoing when they fall due.

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