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We provide training solutions to upskill your team in Asana, & ClickUp. Take advantage of the training options available.

Training Solutions To Improve Adoption

Adoption is critical when implementing a new work management system. Getting your team trained and comfortable with using a new system is just as important as the initial setup. Take advantage of our training solutions.


As Asana experts and solution partners we are able to guide you and your team. With a range of training options available we can deliver solutions aimed to deliver the most impact.


We can guide you through your journey. From understanding foundational concepts to advanced setups and automation we’re able to do it all.


We can train you in hundreds of ClickUp features that will optimise how you work. With extensive experience working with ClickUp we can take your skills to the next level.

Virtual 1:1 and team sessions

In our virtual sessions we can work 1:1 with individuals or with larger teams. With extensive experience in delivering online training we can walk you through practical sessions that deliver real outcomes. All virtual sessions include check for understanding checkpoints and clear objectives to ensure we meet your learning goals. Our virtual sessions are great for our clients in different timezones or locations where we can’t meet in person.

Train the trainer sessions

Adopting and learning how to maximise the use of a work management system like Asana, or ClickUp is a continual process. Identifying super users within your organisation can speed up the learning process and provide a resource point in your business. With our help we an upskill your super users and provide train the trainer sessions over defined time periods to enable the transfer of information throughout your organisation by members of your own team.

In person training sessions

Our in person training sessions are great for large teams and to maximise our practical experience in a hands on environment. We can come to your business or provide a suitable location to deliver an engaging and knowledgeable session on building, managing and optimising your work management systems. You’ll learn key lessons and take skills away that will help adoption and speed up implementation.

Questions we’re regularly asked

What training is going to be best for my business?
The best training solution really depends on your location, budget, team size and the outcomes you’re looking for from the training. Get in contact with us and we’ll be able to guide you in the right direction when it comes to suitable training packages.
What do you do before the training?
Before any training engagement we do a discovery session to understand where you are now. We then identify key objectives and then plan the activities we can deliver to hit those key objectives. A full training plan is delivered prior to the booking of any training dates.
How much does training cost?
The cost for training will vary from client to client. On location training is more expensive than our virtual solutions. We also provide ongoing engagement options for training solutions. Contact us with your personalised requirements and we can provide a quote.
Who delivers the training sessions?
Our Managing Director and work management system specialist Josh Barter runs all of the training sessions for our clients. Josh has worked with hundreds of businesses all around the world to set up and optimise Asana, & ClickUp. He is an Asana Partner, Partner & ClickUp Expert.
Why do you recommend a discovery session first?
A discovery session is really important as all our training sessions are personalised to your requirements. We don’t provide generic one size fits all training. We like to audit your current work management system to provide any insight during the training that is relevant and practical.
What is the format for the delivery of the training?
Most of the training we do focuses on explaining why and how to use a certain feature, providing a practical example and then guiding you through doing this live in your work management system. We then do a check for understanding after each objective and develop collateral or further training to address any areas that require further learning.
How many sessions will we need?
This really depends on the type of training you engage us to do. One full day session may be enought, while you may require 3+ virtual or train the trainer sessions. Our training can also be delivered ongoing each month as required.
Can we combine different training sessions?
Yes, we can combine all three options into a single solutions based on your needs.

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Asana Training

Asana can be a complex work management system to impement and use within your organisation. In addition to different subscription options there are loads of features and different ways to establish your Asana structure. If you’re struggling to know what plan to use, how to setup your Asana workspace and how to use the many features we can assist with a range of training options.

Our Asana training is focused on delivering virtual sessions, group training, train the trainer options and in person half and full day sessions. We can simplify how you’re using Asana and explain in simple terms how you can apply features inside Asana to your organisation.

Training should be practical, fun, engaging and easy for your team. Learning all about your objectives makes it easier to implement Asana training that is personalised to your business instead of generic lessons where you won’t get as much value. Training can be overwhelming when you first sign up. While it’s easy to create your first workspace and board you slowly start thinking about what features you can utilise that you aren’t currently. Our training can focus on any areas of you want to improve. This may include things like what structure to implement, how to connect boards, what type of boards to create, implementing templates, creating automation recipes and implementing integrations.

Our training focuses on how you can simplify how you work with the range of powerful features that are available. We’ve worked with countless organisations to optimise their setups. Take advantage of our years of experience with personalised training solutions.

ClickUp Training

With our ClickUp training we’ll take you through a range of features that can improve how you use this work management system every day. ClickUp regularly releases new features and it has a complex set of capabilities. It can be hard to understand to what to apply to your organisation and if this will improve how you use ClickUp.

Our ClickUp experts can help you navigate the best ways to use ClickUp including the most appropriate structures, what views to use, what automations to implement, what dashboards to set up and how to implementation integrations. Talk to our team about how we can personalised a ClickUp training solution for you.