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Set up & optimise Asana for your travel business

Setting up Asana for a travel business

Running a travel business requires the management of multiple activities simultaneously. Asana can be a great tool to manage the process of travel organisation. With many moving parts and the expectations of clients you need to find ways to efficiently plan and delegate tasks, while maintaining a strict timeline. With fixed end deadlines Asana can be great for timeline planning and with the right structure you will be able to implement an efficient system to track your operational activities.

Asana is easy to use and project templates give you the ability to pre-plan and build defined activities for common types of tasks that happen when you plan and book your client’s travel. If you run a travel business and you’re looking for help with implementing or optimising Asana for your travel business then talk to an expert from our team.

Planning timelines

Timelines and ensuring you have everything completed by a particular date is critical for any travel business. With fixed departure dates for clients you can’t afford scope creep or delays in any of your projects. With Asana you can utilise features like the in-built timeline and also take advantage of smart automation with notifications to ensure that you don’t miss important tasks that will affect the client’s departure date.

Tracking key dates

Tracking key dates is important as there may be deadlines for bookings for deadlines for receipt of payments or general activities that are critical to the clients travel. With Asana and the use of milestones you can efficiently and effectively track these key dates inside a project, at a timeline level and at a Portfolio level to monitor groups of key projects and dates. Asana makes it simple to monitor these key dates and even implement automation based on certain criteria to notify or perform other actions.

Tracking multiple projects at once

As a travel business you have the responsibilty of managing and planning client’s travel dreams. Simultaneously managing multiple projects at once can make it difficult to juggle and sometimes things get lost. Asana makes it easy to manage multiple projects at one time. With Portfolios you can implement the right project structures to track key milestones across all your active trips being planned. This can help with overall visibillity, future planning and staff resourcing.

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