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Set up & optimise Asana for your manufacturing business

Setting up Asana for a manufacturing business

If you run a manufacturing business you need to have the ability to manage multiple projects at once across critical path timelines. With highly dependent workflows it’s easy to lose track of the status of work and keep your team organised and on track. Asana is a great solution for manufacturing businesses that need to maintain a birds eye view of all projects, their associated tasks and timelines.

When establishing Asana for your manufacturing business you should be thinking critically about scale and how you will monitor and track the status of your projects. Top level structure inside the platform will be important, but the structure of your projects will be critical to achieving success. Little things like the right sections, integrating milestones for effective timeline and zoomed out views and the right conventions around tasks will help you achieve organisational efficiency & productivity.

If you’re looking to implement Asana for your manufacturing business then talk to a member of our team about solutions we’ve created for our clients all around the world.

Managing schedules & timelines

In the world of manufacturing any deviation from the standard timeline or unexpected shift in dates can cause problems not only for the affected project, but the entire organisation. Being able to plan, forecast, track and monitor your projects provides a level of comfort and visibility. Asana provides powerful capabilities when it comes to managing timelines and planning schedules. You can do this at both a project level and an organisational level. This gives you the zoomed in and zoomed out view you need to be effective in your timeline management.

Managing multiple activities

As you start to undertake more and more projects simultaneously the sheer amount of tasks and things that need to be done results in overwhelm. As a task management system at its core, Asana can help you manage the activities that need to be assigned across your team to complete your projects on time and within budget. Being able to structure tasks appropriately and utilising the right conventions is key. With the right data points using custom fields you can build in depth dashboards and reports to present the data back to relevant stakeholders.

Dependencies and project completion

Manufacturing typically requires the management of highly dependent workflows. Certain actions or activities can’t commence until a preceding one is completed. Asana’s dependency functionality is easy to use and can help you organise your projects into logical and dependent steps. By integrating dependencies with your timeline you are able to identify project shift dates based on the change with existing tasks or activities. Get the true picture of how your project is performing in a live real world situation. This powerful Asana feature is perfect for manufacturing businesses in a well structured project.

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