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Setting up for an accounting business

Are you looking to manage processes, activities, checklists and tasks for your accounting business using Intuitive, user friendly and easy to use, can be a powerful system solution for all the functions within your accounting business. With remote working more prevalent than ever and many accounting businesses starting to offshore their functions for speed and cost efficiency, a work management solution is critical.

When establishing for your accounting business it’s critical you take into account a variety of factors and take advantage of best practice approaches to structure. Given the volume and scale of an accounting business with clients and repeating tasks it can be confusing to establish your business correctly on can help you achieve scale and efficiency with simplicity if you take advantage of powerful features like dashboards and mirror columns. If you’re looking for help with your accounting business getting established on talk to one of our experts today. We can guide you with done for you implementation, online do it yourself programs and other training & support as required

How to scale with the right structure

The right structure is critical when creating your account for your accounting business. The highly customisable nature of means that you can literally start creating anything. This can also lead to problems at scale as inefficiencies can creep in and it can be hard to pull apart things you’ve built and the team is using. It usually leads to the question, “surely there is a better way”. Starting with workflow structures and how processes connect across different teams and functions can lead to a more thought out and efficient structure in Take the time to plan what workspaces, folders, boards and dashboards you need to maximise efficiency at scale for your team.

Getting your remote employees onboard

Remote employees have become a crucial part of the growth of many accounting firms. With remote work exploding and teams needing ways to communicate and collaborate, has become one of the world’s “go-to” tools. The management of remote employees can sometimes become difficult, especially when they are offshore. is perfect for the assignment of tasks and even the dynamic tracking of time for work completed by remote employees. If you’re looking to grow your remote workforce, but worried about visibility then look no further than as a total solution for the management of your workflows & processes.

Automated formulas & dashboards

As an accounting business you work with numbers and lots of them. While your primary work tools manage the complex accounting components required to fulfil your client requests, can be used for more simplified information both in raw terms and as visualised data. Through the use of automation, formulas and dashboards you can transform the way you work and also transform the way your clients interact with data. With high customisation and the ability to share boards and dashboards with external guests you can supercharge how your accounting business collaborates and communicates.

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If you want to become a power user and enjoy learning on the fly, while building out then our online program called the Masterclass might be for you. You might also have a super user in your organisation that wants to be the champion, but they are struggling to put everything together. In our foundation online program we’ll take you through the exact steps to create a powerful system. From planning, to implementation and the adaption of the advanced features we’ve got you covered. You can even bundle this with our accounting powerup. This is where we will show you exactly how to build a workspace for your accounting business. With easy to follow screenshare videos, instructions and downloadable templates you can get a head start and industry leading insight into how to build out your workspace from scratch.