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Our industry leading workflow solution provides retail organisations with the opportunity to take advantage of for efficiency, collaboration and visibility.

What is the Retail Hub?

WorkflowPower’s Retail Hub powered by is a comprehensive solution designed specifically for retailers to streamline and optimise their operations. With workflows for store operations, product development, range processes, financial payables, marketing, logistics, rostering, staff onboarding and reporting, we provide retailers with the tools they need to succeed in today’s competitive retail landscape.

One of the key features of the Retail Hub is its store operations workflows. These workflows allow retailers to manage their store operations more efficiently by providing a centralized platform for tasks such as new store openings & store refurbishment. With the ability to assign tasks to specific employees, track progress, and set deadlines, retailers can ensure that their store operations are running smoothly and efficiently.

Another important aspect of the Retail Hub is its product development workflows. This platform provides retailers with a centralised location to manage all aspects of product development, from ideation to launch. With tools for tracking product development timelines, managing supplier relationships, and tracking product performance, retailers can ensure that their product offerings are always fresh and relevant.

In addition to store operations and product development workflows, the Retail Hub also includes range reviews, refreshes and replacements. These workflows enable retailers to manage the entire range planning process, from selecting the right products to stock to setting pricing and promotions. With the ability to collaborate, track range performance, and adjust plans on the fly, retailers can ensure that their ranges are always optimized for maximum profitability.

Financial payables workflows are also included in the Retail Hub. These workflows enable retailers to manage their accounts payable processes more efficiently & sync costs with budgets with our advanced integration solutions.

Marketing and logistics workflows are also included in the Retail Hub and connected seamlessly across other workflows, enabling retailers to manage all aspects of marketing including production, ecomm, visual merchandising, photography and packaging from a single platform. With tools for tracking campaign performance, managing promotions, and optimizing logistics processes, retailers can ensure that they are always maximizing their marketing ROI.

Finally, the Retail Hub includes workflows for rostering, staff onboarding, and reporting. These workflows enable retailers to manage their staff more efficiently, with features for creating and managing rosters, onboarding new staff members, and driving key staff activities.

Our Retail Hub powered by provides retailers with a comprehensive solution for managing all aspects of their operations. With workflows for store operations, product development, range processes, financial payables, marketing, logistics, rostering, staff onboarding, and reporting, retailers can ensure that their businesses are running smoothly and efficiently. Whether you are a small independent retailer or a large multinational corporation, the Retail Hub can help you achieve your business goals, stay efficient and drive collaboration across your team.

Multiple workflow solution options

Our retail solution provides a range of options for retailers to customise their workflows to match their unique business needs. Designed to drive store operations, product development, range processes, financial payables, marketing, logistics, rostering, staff onboarding, and reporting, retailers can choose the workflows on that best match their existing processes and business goals. With the ability to collaborate with your team, assign tasks, and track progress in real-time, you can ensure that your workflows are always optimized for maximum efficiency and productivity.

Seamless collaboration across functions

With our Retail Hub solution, retailers can facilitate cross-functional collaboration across teams, including marketing. Seamless integration to marketing workflows enable retailers to manage all aspects of their marketing campaigns from a single platform, with tools for tracking campaign performance, managing promotions, and optimising marketing processes. With real-time collaboration and communication tools, marketing can work seamlessly with other teams, such as product development and store operations, to ensure that marketing efforts are aligned with business goals and overall brand strategy. This level of collaboration and integration leads to more efficient and effective marketing campaigns, increased visibility and alignment

Different views and detailed reporting

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Fully documented

With clear documentation and easy to follow screenshare videos you are able to take our solution into action in less than 30 minutes. Supported by our team we can help you launch the Retail Hub into your organisation seamlessly.

We’re excited to offer screenshare videos that provide step-by-step instructions on how to use our retail solution built on Our videos are easy to follow, comprehensive, and cover everything from basic features to advanced functionality. With this resource, users can quickly and easily learn how to make the most of our solution and improve their retail operations.

Pre-built automations

With pre-built automations designed to simplify the way you work we’ve supercharged to handle workflow initiation, handovers and cross functional collaboration.

We implemented powerful automations into our retail solution built on, helping businesses to increase their operational efficiency. Our automations enable users to automate repetitive tasks, streamline workflows, and reduce manual errors. This leads to more efficient processes, better collaboration, and improved productivity.

Manage store workflows

With our store hub you can manage workflows associated with new store openings and store refurbishment. With a high level summary view of all your store activities and connection to products, rostering and ranges you’ll have access to everything you need.

Manage product workflows

Take your products all the way from assessment and scoring into new product development tasks from the product hub. Track critical timelines and connect through to suppliers, photography, packaging and marketing with ease.

Manage range workflows

With our range hub you can manage all workflows related to range reviews, range replacements and range refreshes. Take your ranges through an assessment process and straight into reviews and track the status directly from our high level summary board.

Employees & rostering

Using our employee hub you can quickly manage new staff onboarding and track all the activities that need to be performed. Build staff rosters and run head counts on your stores with ease.

Manage customer support requests

Track tickets across your entire organisation and triage them through a support process. With inbuilt forms to manage request intake you can simplify support tickets and ensure seamless collaboration across your team.

Marketing workflows

Marketing comes integrated seamlessly out of the box with the Retail Hub solution. Initiate requests and utilise brief templates to ensure maximum visibility and collaboration with your internal marketing teams from campaign planning to production to ecommerce & visual merchandising.

Accounts payable integration

Accounts payable are setup to establish manual processes or automated integration to track actual costs against store, product and range workflows. Get accurate and up to date visibility and detailed reporting on your cost metrics.

Reporting & dashboards

Five core dashboards have been created to track your entire retail operations, your store hub, product hub, range hub and employee hub. Accurate and live data feeding into your dashboards provides the data you need for leadership, management and tactical decision making.

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