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Setting up for a marketing business

Marketing teams are typically the first teams within an organisation to implement and adopt a work management system. Usually the marketing team has a high volume of requests and are critical to the success of the organisation as many rely on the work they’re doing. is a powerful tool in the arsenal of a marketing team. It can be used to receive requests from other departments. With advanced functionality marketing teams can manage campaigns, BAU work, capacity planning and more.

Getting the structure right is critical to the success of for your marketing team. Setup correctly you can simplify the marketing briefing process, campaign planning and the coordination and execution of tasks between your team. If you’re looking for help establishing for your marketing or creative team reach out and we’ll show you how we’ve helped some of the most complex marketing teams in the world organise the way they work.

Managing creative requests

Managing creative requests can be time consuming and can result in errors, incorrect and incomplete briefs. can help you streamline the process of receiving creative briefs and marketing requests. With inbuilt forms you can easily standardise the process to receive requests or briefs. Once a form is submitted you can start to automate your workflow instantly. With the right structure, less administrative time means your team has more time for creative production.

Collaboration between teams

Collaboration is critical as a marketing team. Internal collaboration between different team members and between different departments inside the organisation can be enhanced with With an in-built inbox and communication system or with external integration using Slack or similar you can remove emails and the errors it creates. Manage all your work and communication in one platform and supercharge how you work.

Dashboards and high level overview

Reporting on the volume of work completed and the type of work is critical as a marketing team. Connecting this to the work you’re doing is what makes more powerful. Forget switching between different software and pull in real data to visualise how you’re working and prepare reports that can aid with critical decision making. Dashboards can also be used for capacity planning and management to triage requests and ensure the right people are assigned the right work.

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If you want to become a power user and enjoy learning on the fly, while building out then our online program called the Masterclass might be for you. You might also have a super user in your organisation that wants to be the champion, but they are struggling to put everything together. In our foundation online program we’ll take you through the exact steps to create a powerful system. From planning, to implementation and the adaption of the advanced features we’ve got you covered. You can bundle this with our marketing & creative power up. In this program we focus on how you can correctly structure and build a for your marketing team. We cover campaigns and templates, creative requests, workflows, capacity planning and dashboards. With easy to follow screenshare videos, text content and downloadable templates you can get a head start on how your marketing team uses