What Is Asana?

Asana is an easy way for your team to manage workflows, projects & tasks.

Why Asana?

Asana has become a powerful work management system. Used by teams all around the globe for different purposes it provides and easy way to coordinate projects, tasks and people. Moving away from a traditional and basic to do list, Asana allows you to create projects, manage workflows and coordinate your team in one central system.

Asana has flexibility as a system enabling you to customise how you use it specific to your organisational needs. Asana has powerful features that allow you to automate how you work. It also enables you to integrate your favourite apps. With a friendly user interface the process of creating projects and tasks is simple for everyone.

Like any system the set up and adoption can be hard for organisations with complex workflows or even for smaller organisations to identify the best structure. Using Asana’s full suite of features requires a learning curve for most users. If you love being organised and need a simple way to manage projects, tasks and people then Asana is a great solution.

Asana provides plan options suited to most client needs with a free plan available to give you time to play around with how the system works. As you move up in plans you unlock more features that are designed to improve and simplify how you work. Things like custom rules, Portfolios, custom fields and more can help you take how your team uses Asana to the next level.

Join Asana Assembly

Asana Assembly is our foundation online program and it’s where you can follow step by step how we go about creating a new Asana setup. From planning your structure through to implementation at scale we have you covered. With lifetime updates with newly released Asana features and access to our exclusive Facebook Group you’ll be an Asana power user before you know it. With our power ups you can also learn precise information about your industry and even common organisational functions.

Asana implementation

The implementation of Asana can be tricky. You might be low on time or struggling to know how to set up your Asana workspace the right way. As implementation experts we can take your challenges and implement Asana into your organisation. From analysis to implementation and right through to adoption. As Asana experts we know what works, the best structures and how to achieve simple solutions that scale and improve how you work.

Online power up programs

Learning online can be tricky. How do you take the general knowledge out there and apply it to your busines? That’s why we created our power ups. These online programs connected to Asana Assembly let you dig into workflows, templates and lessons that are aligned to the industry you operate in. Having worked with hundreds of clients we’ve been able to take this and turn it into clear learnings and ways to implement Asana for your industry type. In addition we have online lessons for common organisational functions like meetings, documents, invoice and more.

Here’s just a few of our Asana case studies

Questions we’re regularly asked

Do you work with clients on the free Asana plan?
No. We only work with clients that are using premium, business and enterprise plans.
What countries do you work with?
We work with Asana clients all over the world. Get in touch to organise a suitable time. With remote working and virtual sessions we can create solutions that work for our clients.
Can you optimise what I already have in Asana?

Yes. A great starting point for us is to assess what you currently have built in Asana. We can then take what you have and recommend a solution based on our experience.

Is Asana easy to learn?
Asana is very user friendly. There is a steep learning curve initially, like any new software. While it’s easy to use, challenges happen when people don’t know how to structure things right. This can affect the team and how you do things daily.
What are your Asana certifications?
We are service partners with Asana and have undertaken the necessary training to deliver implementation services in Asana.
Should I move from something else to Asana?
It depends. We can help validate the reasons wy you’re thinking of switching. Every business is different, however there may be certain circumstances when Asana is the best solution.

Here’s some things you can learn about Asana


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Asana’s powerful features

Asana has a range of powerful features that you’re team can take advantage of to supercharge how you work. A few of these include:

Custom Fields

Custom fields let you hold key information in your Asana projects. This can include numbers, text, dropdowns and multi selections. Useful data points for automation, reporting and more.


Get sick of doing things manually? Rules in Asana give you flexiblity to automate repetitive tasks and workflows.


Different people work in different ways. Asana gives you different views including list, board, calendar and timeline.


Aggregate projects to zoom out and get a top level view of how your work is tracking.

My Tasks

Manage your individual tasks across all projects easily.

Inbox & Messages

Communicate and collaborate in a single platform and right next to where you work.


Create meaningful dashboards to visually represent your work in Asana.