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Setting up for a coaching business

Systems are critical if you run a coaching business. Being able to maximise outcomes for your clients means you need to have simple and effective ways to deliver solutions in a systematic way. Your own business can sometimes lag behind, while you focus on solutions for your clients. How you collaborate is critical and also having a place to manage agreed outcomes, deliverables and accountability can be the difference between success and failure for a business owner. is a customisable and powerful work management system and can become a central resource for your own operations. For a coaching business it can also be used to create a portal or collaboration point for you and your clients. Building a scalable solution can be an effective and efficient way to manage your ongoing client operations.

If you’re a business coach, is a great all in one solution that allows you to manage sales, contacts, deals, operations, client engagements, finance, HR and more. It gives you true flexibility to create an all-in-one solution to manage your business and keep clients on track.

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Client coaching portals made easy

Accountability is one of the key reasons why someone would employ a coach in their business. Guidance, metrics and working towards active goals is critical for your clients. Having a central location to monitor, track and keep clients engaged on key activities can be difficult to maintain. This can become problematic when you have multiple systems that don’t talk to each other. With an optimised account in addition to your own operational work you can build client portals (shareable boards) to clearly document expectations and track progress on activities. This central resource can be created as part of your operational activities to provide a seamless integration between your own work and the outcomes aligned to your clients.

Managing operational workflows

During your coaching and collaboration sessions with your clients it’s likely that you will have tasks, activities and things to do that will naturally occur. The benefit of having a central resource for coaching calls and outcomes is that you can sync these through to other parts of your account for completion internally by your team. With the right structure and the use of mirroring you can achieve simplicity and efficiency right from client calls through to internal execution.

Building data dashboards

Visualising data and showing changes over time and how goals are tracking is a really important tool in your arsenal as a coach. Making that process easy and avoiding time consuming admin work is possible with the right structure in Monday. You can easily create client dashboards and sync them through to their activities, goals and tasks to keep the accountability on track.

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Our solution for coaching is a game-changer, providing coaches with a powerful tool to organise, track, and optimize their coaching sessions. Whether you’re a life coach, business coach, or sports coach, our platform is tailored to meet your unique needs and elevate your coaching practice to new heights.

With our intuitive interface, you can effortlessly manage your coaching schedule, set goals, and track progress in real-time. The visual boards and customisable templates offered by provide a dynamic and interactive space for collaboration between coaches and clients, fostering a more productive and engaging coaching experience.

WorkflowPower’s solution goes beyond traditional coaching tools, offering advanced features such as automated reminders, progress analytics, and interactive feedback loops. This ensures that both coaches and clients stay on track, making the coaching journey more efficient and goal-oriented.

Collaboration is at the core of our solution, enabling coaches to seamlessly communicate with clients, share resources, and provide timely feedback. Our platform breaks down communication barriers, creating a transparent and supportive environment for meaningful interactions.

Security and privacy are paramount, and WorkflowPower’s solution prioritises the confidentiality of coaching sessions. With robust data encryption and access controls, coaches can trust that their clients’ information is secure.

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CRM to onboarding

Make it easy to sync your contact data via in-built forms or create an integration to your existing CRM or website. Collate key contact information and start the onboarding process with automated task creation, timelines and activities.

Sync notifications to team members to ensure that the client onboarding process is as seamless as possible.

Client portal

Create a client portal with ease utilising base templates. Provide up to date, visual and collaborative workspaces to interact with your clients. 

Track tasks, update goals and measure key KPI’s all with a seamless and simple approach to client portal management.

Manage operational tasks

Manage organisational and internal tasks easily with a pre-built workflow from onboarding to administration & task activities.

Sync tasks directly from your client portals and start executing on things you need to action away from the client experience. Pre-built automations allow you to easily sync status from internal to external facing client tasks.