About Us

At WorkflowPower we improve how our clients work. We take your processes and transform them into easy to manage systems that will boost productivity.

Our story

At WorkflowPower we strive to help organisations of all sizes to become better at how they work.

It all started with a search for ways to manage an ever growing to do list. We were founded in 2018 by our owner Josh Barter after stumbling across work management systems. Struggling to manage tasks & team members across multiple businesses & locations, Monday.com quickly turned into our single most important piece of software.

Since then our mission has been to help other businesses unlock productivity & efficiency with work management systems. We live what we do. We’re active, daily users of Asana, Monday.com & ClickUp. Fun for us is playing around with new features, building processes and testing organisational workflows.

Having worked with hundreds of organisations across different industries, we’ve pretty much seen it all. We also know that every business is unique. We bring our experienced, analytical & creative approach to every client with a fresh lens on how you can simplify how you work.

Our values

We’re committed to the success of our clients by delivering on our core values…

  • Can we add value? We only take on consulting engagements we’re we identify value we can add to your organisation. This may be optimising an existing system you use. Replacing a system with another or implementing something from scratch. If we can’t help for whatever reason, we tell you upfront.
  • It needs to be simple to use. We can build complex processes and automation, however being able to build it is only half the battle. The speed of adoption and how easily you can use it is where our years of experience comes in.
  • Your success is our success. We take pride in every implementation we do, however true success for us is when the things you do everyday are easier to manage at all levels in your business.
  • Support is what we do. Our community and knowledge is what sets us apart. The ongoing access to resources, online content, programs and training will continue to transform how your business uses a work management system.
Josh Barter

Meet Josh – Managing Director

I’ve worked extensively across a range of organisations to implement work management systems. From enterprise size with 100+ employees down to 5 person startups. With a knack for problem solving and an analytic skill set I’ve been able to simplify even the most complex business processes.

As a daily user in Asana, Monday.com & ClickUp I regularly test new features, implement processes, build complex workflows and train the WorkflowPower community. I do it everyday and share this knowledge with new and existing clients that are struggling with managing the day to day activities of their business.

Having experienced many of the same problems my clients have every day I’m able to step into their shoes and deliver solutions that will save them time & increase productivity. Got a question or need to chat? Email me, connect on social media or send me a message on the website. I love helping people learn about & implement Asana, Monday.com & ClickUp.

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