What Is ClickUp?

ClickUp is a powerful productivity platform that can help you manage everything including tasks, docs & goals

Why ClickUp?

ClickUp has recently come to be a major player in the work management system space. With an easy to use interface and a large range of integrations it has become powerful for organisations around the world that need to organise their business processes. With a powerful hierarchy ClickUp provides insights at various levels and can be used by all teams within an organisation from sales to operations through to development and technology.

ClickUp is a powerful and flexible system that can be adapted to suit the ever changing needs of most businesses. With integrated automation you can simplify workflows and reduce reliance on manual overhead between members across your team.

While relatively easy to use, ClickUp can still come with a challenging learning curve to understand how to plan and build the right structure. With hundreds of features it can be difficult to understand what to use, why to use it and how to implement it correctly. ClickUp has become a fan favourite among digital agencies due to how easy it is to manage the hierarchy with lots of active clients. This has translated across to hundreds of different types of industries that can take advantage of the power of ClickUp.

With flexible plan options ClickUp allows you to scale up as you unlock more useful features that can be incorporated into your organisational processes.

Join ClickUp Crew

ClickUp Crew is our foundation online program where you can build your new system from the ground up. We start at planning and follow through into implementation and integrating ClickUp’s advanced features. This course has lifetime access so you are continually updated with ClickUp’s latest releases and how you can integrate them into what you’re doing. You can also take advantage of our industry power ups and get workflow insight, templates and step by step instructions relevant to your business.

ClickUp implementation

ClickUp implementation can be hard to get right. It can feel overwhelming initially to implement an effective system at the same time as trying to run your business. As ClickUp consultants and implementation experts we can guide you through the creation of the perfect system for your organisational processes. We take you on a journey through analysis, implementation and adoption. We know what works and can deliver a customised ClickUp solution for your business.

Online power up programs

Learning online is a great way to expand your ClickUp knowledge. There is a lot of general information and it can be difficult to apply this to your organisation and the way you work. Using our years of experience we’ve created industry specific online power ups that are integrated into our ClickUp crew foundation program. Simply choose an industry and get personalised online training, templates, screenshare videos and more. We also do the same for many common organisational functions like meetings, documents, invoices and more.

Questions we’re regularly asked

Do you work with clients on the free ClickUp plan?

No. We only work with clients that are using paid versions of ClickUp.

What countries do you work with?
We work with Asana clients all over the world. Get in touch to organise a suitable time. With remote working and virtual sessions we can create solutions that work for our clients.
Can you optimise what I already have in ClickUp?

Yes. A great starting point for us is to assess what you currently have built in ClickUp. We can then take what you have and recommend a solution based on our experience.

Is ClickUp easy to learn?

ClickUp is very user friendly. There is a steep learning curve initially, like any new software. While it’s easy to use, challenges happen when people don’t know how to structure things right. This can affect the team and how you do things daily.

What are your ClickUp certifications?

We are certified consultants with ClickUp and have undertaken the necessary training to deliver implementation services in ClickUp.

Should I move from something else to ClickUp?

It depends. We can help validate the reasons wy you’re thinking of switching. Every business is different, however there may be certain circumstances when ClickUp is the best solution.

Here’s some things you can learn about ClickUp


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ClickUp’s powerful features

ClickUp has a range of powerful features that you’re team can take advantage of to supercharge how you work. A few of these include:


Spaces are where you start to organise your ClickUp hierarchy. Planning at this early stage can help you align spaces to certain functions in your organisation or even departments for larger teams.


Folders are where you can really start to organise things. Due to the powerful nature of the hierarchy you’ll be able to get a snapshot of lists inside your folders. Thinking critically about how to structure folders will ensure you’re getting the right visibility about how you work.


Lists are where you start to get into how you work. Lists can be created and saved as templates if you have recurring or client specific work. With flexibility you are able to customise lists to be consistent across spaces and folders. Lists become a critical component of planning your overall structure to ensure efficiency is maximised.

Custom Fields

It’s likely you are going to need custom information in specific workflows or processes that you want to see in ClickUp. That’s where custom fields come in and they can be super powerful to simplify how you work, but also provide ways to automate and even integrate other apps where applicable.


Who doesn’t want to work smarter? ClickUp has native automation that can help you easily supercharge your workflows. Reducing manual tasks can eliminate the need for additional team members and can streamline your operations.


Integrations are really useful in a modern organisation where you are likely utilising different pieces of software for different things. While ClickUp can replace software it is also useful as a central place to integrate other apps.


Organisational goals are critical to driving success and hitting your targets. Connecting those goals to your actual work and workflows is possible in ClickUp. With visibility and the ability to integrate into your workflows Goals will have you tracking and measuring team performance with ease.


All businesses need to store documents and ClickUp makes it super easy. With an inbuilt document system you’re able to create a document system and integrate it into your workflows. Document management has never been easier when utilising ClickUp as your work management system.