Asana For Service Businesses

Set up & optimise Asana for your service business

Setting up Asana for a service business

Asana is a flexible and powerful work management system that can be adapted to all types of service businesses. No matter the size of your business or what type of service you provide, Asana is able to be customised to suit your needs. Even if you’re only small a tool like Asana can be alongside you as the business grows.

Being able to establish Asana for a service based business relies on understanding the key activities you want to manage and what the best structure is off the back of that. Asana has powerful features for service based businesses like list, board and calendar project views. Being able to assign tasks, track dates, manage requests and collaborate across the business make it a great option for all size service based organisations.

If you’re looking to implement or optimise Asana for your service based business, then talk to a member of our team today about how we can help.

Planning the right structure

Everything you want to do properly inside Asana comes down to the implementation of the right structure. As a service based business you likely deal with multiple clients at once and multiple projects. You may have a small or large team. All these things will factor into the best strucure for your Asana workspace. Being able to manage multiple activities and make it as simple as possible is critical for adoption and team wide use.

Getting contractors involved

Most service based businesses employ or rely on people out in the field working with clients or on the tools everyday. Asana can be a powerful tool to improve collaboration internally and externally with people working on projects. With a mobile app and easy ways to share projects to people without an Asana login you can streamline communication and status management easily.

Being simple and efficient

Whatever you create or implement in Asana it should always be easy to use. An efficient and simple structure should start to compliment your organisational work and not become an unecessary overhead. Ensuring that your structure is simple and can scale will give your business the best results long term with Asana.

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