Process Analysis & Mapping

Understanding the way you work is a critical step in improving organisational efficiency.

Process Optimisation For Organisations

As skilled and highly analytical workflow specialists we take the time to understand your organisational processes. We map, re-engineer and document the ways you work to unlock improvements, efficiency, productivity and clear path forward for technical implementation. We work with enterprise and mid market organisations to define cross functional processes and how they integrate with other key departments. We also take highly complex ways of working with a view towards building a simplified approach that keeps all key stakeholders engaged. With technical implementation always in mind our process mapping and re-engineering hits the mark throughout implementation, rollout and adoption. We can plan, build, implement and document your new ways of working. We can help you streamline your process and document key workflows for organisation success.

Analysing organisational processes

To understand how your organisation operates we undertake analysis, hold interviews with key stakeholders and present a visual overview. We take this initial analysis and begin the process of deconstructing your operations. This may include current technical tools and integrations. Our overall goal in this initial stage is to get a key understanding of your operations. Once we know the way you currently work we are able to document key processes, re-engineer processes and start to build a technical plan for implementation, adoption and change.

Mapping the way you work

The documentation component of our business analysis process is used to visualise the flow of your work and also provide a documentation resource for key stakeholders. The mapping component allows us to collaboratively understand the moving parts between team members, cross functional teams and departments. This documentation and process mapping becomes the cornerstone of any technical implementation plan.

Building a technical implementation plan

Mapping, re-engineering or building new processes is only the beginning. Our expertise allows us to take your processes from ideation right through into technical implementation. Understanding day to day operational challenges and key technical requirements ensures that your processes go right from planning through to technical implementation and change. Rapid adoption of new ways of working can only be achieved with clarity on how your processes will be executed with your technology stack in mind.

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Questions we’re regularly asked

How involved is our team?

Collaboration is key to get the best results. We engage stakeholders that are involved in the processes to ensure we fully understand how you work, but also get buy in early from the team that will be managing the processes every day.

What technical tools do you use?

For our mapping process we use Miro, which is similar to a digital whiteboard. This enables seamless collaboration and a documentation reference point. is our preferred technical work management system for implementation. 

How long does it take?

The timeline for our process mapping and re-engineering depends on the complexity of your operations and the teams involved. We can give you a more accurate assessment once we have a detailed scope of work.

We have a huge team. Will this work?

We’ve worked with large teams in enterprise size organisations and can talk through the process to work through different teams, departments and how to manage cross functional workflows.

What about if we don't have documented processes?

As part of our engagement we can help you formalise and understand the processes within your organisation. This is typically done even if there are documented proceses, so we can bring a set of fresh eyes to how your business operates.

What industries have you worked with?

We’ve worked with pretty much every industry there is. We’ve seen countless of the same problems and have overcome common challenges for clients over and over again. Send us a message to learn a bit more about how we can help.

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