Asana For Not For Profit

Set up & optimise Asana for your not for profit business

Setting up Asana for a not for profit business

As a not for profit organisation you likely have a busy workload and need an efficient system that can manage your entire operations from stakeholder management to operational activities to finance and HR. Asana is the perfect solution to allow not for profit businesses to organise and streamline how they work.

The structure of Asana for your not for profit organisation will likely be complex if you incorporate multiple departments and teams. Having the right approach to structure and keeping your organisational departments segmented in Asana is key to achieving the right level of visibility and focus within teams.

Asana can handle the many functions and activities required in not for profit businesses and provides a seamless way to manage your team and how they work.

Managing the entire organisation

The coordination and management of the entire operations within a single work management system is possible with Asana. Implementation should be managed with scale in mind. The segmentation of departments into teams can be a good starting point when it comes to structure. Understanding what teams will utilise what features in Asana and building a consistent way for people to use Asana with organisational conventions can be powerful. As you grow and new users are onboarded there is a standardised way to work. With organisations where departments have varying levels of engagement with Asana problems can start to arise where people do things differently. This is a key challenge that needs to be addressed early when any not for profit sets up Asana.

Keeping stakeholders informed

A not for profit typically has high levels of stakeholder involvement, whether it be internal or external. Asana is great for collaboration internally and externally. It also provides easy ways to share project information and timelines without people needing to access Asana. This means you can keep a central location for all your organised work and disseminate updates to stakeholders as necessary.

Managing multiple different projects

As your organisation adopts Asana you will likely start to see all kinds of project structures being established. The flexibility of Asana can also make it confusing and hard to use at times. Understanding the types of project structures you can create and for what type of work is important. As you scale the use of Asana and bring in additional features the right structure will allow you to easily bolt them on. The wrong project structures result in redo’s and additional work to get things right. Organisation conventions and the proper training on how to structure Asana for a not for profit can help alleviate common challenges.

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