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Setting up Asana for a digital agency

If you’re a digital agency you operate in a high paced environment that is competitive. Demands from clients can be hard and as you start to scale and add more people things can easily start to get out of control. Most agency owners have a creative or technical background and have typically used some level of project management software. Asana can be a powerful tool for a digital agency when implemented with the right structure in mind.

When you commence the implementation process of Asana for your digital agency it’s critical to get your structure right. While a powerful tool, Asana implemented in the wrong way can create operational issues for a digital agency that can be hard to undo when they are entrenched in your business. The volume of repeating tasks, how to track them and how to keep external subcontractors engaged with timelines is a constant juggling act. Asana can alleviate these problems and can simplify how you work and how you monitor work.

If you’re looking for help with Asana for your digital agency then talk to our implementation team and we can run through the many examples we’ve completed for our clients all over the world.

Structure for repeating client tasks

The core part of a digital agency that generates revenue is the operational and fulfilment work that gets done every day, week and month. After a client is onboarded you need to track and monitor activities across multiple services. This also may differ from client to client depending on what services you offer. The challenge typically remains the same and it’s how you structure things right to monitor and track tasks across different services and different clients. Most agencies establish projects for each client. This becomes problematic really easily as you start to scale and add more clients. Visibility becomes an issue and you don’t have a real sense of where things are across the business and for specific clients. This can be solved with the right structure inside Asana.

Stakeholder collaboration made easy

Collaboration is crucial for the success of a digital agency. With changes to how the world and teams work together, Asana is a powerful tool that can connect teams and clients easily. Collaboration can be managed in multiple ways natively inside Asana or with integrations like Slack or Microsoft Teams. As your agency grows you may want to communicate with clients and connect it directly to the work you’re doing in Asana. Being able to communicate with external freelancers or partners within the same tool gives you a sense of control and the ability to set clear work expectations and monitor outcomes for client success.

Project v task and the best approach

One of the most common obstacles for a digital agency using Asana is structure. Get it wrong and things can go sideways pretty quickly. With extensive experience and having worked with large agencies and creative marketing teams there is a common approach to task management. It moves away from the most obvious option of creating projects for each client and moving to a workflow based structure that has clients as tasks. This approach is beneficial for a variety of reasons and can be implemented for agencies of all sizes.

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