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Setting up for a bookkeeping business

If you’re a bookkeeper, can be a great solution to manage your activities, processes and workflows. At scale keeping track of your client projects and things to do can be difficult. Getting visibility on where things are at and what’s upcoming can be useful to reduce overwhelm. When implemented correctly can give you more control over your work and provide the type of insight that can assist with decision making and work planning.

As a bookkeeping business you typically have a set of repeatable tasks that happen across your clients at regular intervals. As you add more and more clients that can quickly become out of control. Adding more employees to manage the work only solves half the problem. at its core can help you organise, coordinate and plan your work in a single platform. You can also use it for communication both internally & externally.

If you’re looking for help implementing into your bookkeeping business then talk to an expert member of our team today. We can help you create the most efficient structure with our done for you implementation solutions. If you want to take control and do it yourself we also have online programs to help you master

What should I implement?

Knowing where to start and what to implement can be the most challenging part of establishing for your business. Not to mention the potential time it can take away from the actual client work you need to complete. Planning your structure at the early stage will be critical. Due to the scaleable nature of the type of work you do and how the tasks repeat ongoing it’s important to get the structure right. Visually mapping out your workflows and building a plan can make the implementation much easier and smoother. Think about if you’ll manage similar tasks in their own boards, as opposed to boards for every client. Simplicity, efficiency, scale and visibility should all be taken into account at this stage.

Building with scale in mind

Understanding scale will help you build the most appropriate board structures in your account. How you connect these boards to overview projects and dashboards can really help you unlock the true power of as an all-in one solution for your work. After you’ve thought critically about structure you should start putting them into practice and test the ways different structures could work in For example this might include a board for all monthly tasks, or a board for all repeating tasks, or a board for a certain team’s tasks or a board for each client. Play around with different ways of working and how this will affect how you work at scale. Continue to create, test and modify to build the perfect system.

Handling repeating workflows

Repeating workflows are likely a huge part of your business. Building out with automations to accommodate your repeating processes can sometimes be challenging. With highly customisable automations it’s possible to notify, reassign and create on the fly with dynamic recipes, triggers and actions. If you’re struggling with the manual tracking of repeating tasks & processes, then can be the total solution for work management automation, tracking and planning for your bookkeeping business.

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