Asana & Digital Influence

Learn how we implemented Asana in this client case study. Information and screenshots are modified to ensure client confidentiality.

The challenge

The client was looking to transition from spreadsheets and documents to a work management system that enabled transparency across operations and gave them the ability to scale. Running a digital agency can result in loads of moving parts and the need to act and respond quickly. Having initially launched Asana the client approached Workflowpower to help with the implementation and adoption of it within the organisation.

Our process

Our process involved an analysis stage to understand the different services the client provided and how they were currently managed internally. This process analysis allowed us to understand the best potential structure options available in Asana to accommodate the type of work that was performed. With a large amount of repeating work on a monthly cycle we focused on the ways the client could implement Asana and not worry about additional clients making the workflow hard to use. We also looked at ways the client could seamlessly use Asana for onboarding and the integration of forms that could be brought into the workflow and enable data capture.

The solution

The solution we created focused on a top level team structure in Asana that segmented the organisation into functions. We retained templates used inside the organisation within an “Admin” team. Moving through to onboarding we created it’s own team and used a project template to initiate and complete onboarding for each client. This also enabled the use of Portfolios to track the stages of onboarding across multiple clients. A form connected to a high level project was used to collect onboarding information and connect it to the onboarding workflow.

Operational activities in Asana were segmented into a single team called “Operations”. We used an approach of creating workflow projects as opposed to a common approach of a project per client. This enabled greater scale and an easy way to view and track clients across specific services e.g. Facebook Ads, Google Ads.

The outcomes

The client was able to roll out a functional workflow system across the business and move away from old ways of working with a more seamless and transparent system. We provided team and individual training to ensure rapid adoption.

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