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Learn how we implemented Asana in this client case study. Information and screenshots are modified to ensure client confidentiality.

The challenge

The client approached Workflowpower to help with the optimisation of their Asana account. As heavy Asana users on a business plan they were looking to maximise what their use of the platform and all available features. They wanted hands on consulting support, guidance and training to roll out to the broader team of Asana users.

Our process

During the engagement we undertook a collaborative process with the client to review their existing structure inside Asana and suggest overall improvements to integrate new features. The process involved regular meetings, implementation work and then training to roll out new implementations into the team. This resulted in an approach that would release new features and implementation work without major disruptions to how the team was working inside Asana.

The solution

During our implementation and training we implemented the following functionality into Asana for the client:

  • Dependent workflows
  • Effort and time tracking
  • Portfolio & workload management
  • Project structure improvement
  • Automation & rules for dependency notification
  • Everhour integration

The outcomes

The client was able to successfully take advantage of the business features inside Asana and get the team working inside Asana utilising dependent workflows and effort. We were also able to transition all time tracking, timesheets and reporting directly into Asana using the Everhour integration. The client continues to scale their use and adoption of Asana and we provide regular consulting support.

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