Asana & Gowler Homes

Learn how we implemented Asana in this client case study. Information and screenshots are modified to ensure client confidentiality.

The challenge

Gowler Homes is a custom home builder located in the US. They were looking for a work management system solution to help them manage their entire workflow. With complex operations and intensive task load from sales to design to construction and then handover, a total solution as required. Gowler Homes engaged Workflowpower to help with the selection of the right system and to assist with implementation

Our process

The process required 4 stages to deliver a full working work management system and involved:

  • Software selection
  • Full analysis
  • Implementation
  • Training & Support

The solution

Our process involved four stages to deliver a fully functioning work management system. Firstly we focused on the selection of an appropriate system to help with the clients specific requirements. This involved assessing what was in the market and how a system could be customised to suit. They required a system that would allow tracking of multiple jobs at once and to take each client through defined workflows completed by different teams.

With presented options the client proceeded with Asana and a detailed analysis was completed to define the most appropriate workflow structure. The presented analysis focused on the high level structure of Asana, when to use projects v when to use tasks and how to structure projects to utilise Portfolios as a management tool.

An implementation plan was completed and a full build was completed. The entire build included:

  • Team structure
  • Workflow projects & templates
  • Custom fields
  • Automation & rules
  • Portfolios
  • Reporting & Dashboards

Upon successful implementation with collaborative reviews and checkpoints we delivered 1:1 and group training sessions. We also provided a fully tailored video screenshare library of how to manage and manage the workflow system setup.

The outcomes

The client was above to transition completely over to Asana and phase out old processes and practices including other pieces of software and spreadsheets. The entire team moved onto Asana and it allowed the entire client lifecycle to be captured in a single system

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