Asana & Hepatitis Australia

Learn how we implemented Asana in this client case study. Information and screenshots are modified to ensure client confidentiality.

The challenge

Hepatitis Australia approached WorkflowPower to help with the optimisation of their existing Asana account structure. Having used Asana for a while they were looking to upskill, implement new structures and embed adoption within the entire team across cross functional departments. They also wanted help taking advantage of Asana’s advanced features.

Our process

Our process involved the following steps:

  • Thorough scope and analysis to determine client requirements
  • Existing Asana audit and detailing of key recommendations into a report
  • Structure implementation into Asana
  • Live training sessions with champions and broader team

The solution

The solution delivered covered a detailed and extensive audit that we built as a live recommendation in Asana. This allowed us to key in on areas that needed to be optimised and where key wins could be made with the structure. Taking this audit we created a recommendation report that guided the implementation phase directly inside Asana.

The structure built inside Asana focused on top level team structure and the development of project templates and project types that could be utilised over and over again within the organisation. With lots of cross functional work happening we created a systematic way for the team to decide on what project type to use and how to structure it. This enabled a seamless way to initiate projects and connect work across different teams.

We followed up the implementation with screenshare training videos loaded into Asana and live training sessions with the entire team.

The outcomes

The outcome was a more well structured Asana setup that enabled the team to take advantage of the advanced and powerful features inside Asana. The team also had access to an easy way to initiate new projects by following a systemised approach based on the type of work they were trying to capture and manage.

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