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Learn how we implemented in this client case study. Information and screenshots are modified to ensure client confidentiality.

The challenge

The team at Blueberry Markets required a solution to assist with their sprint planning and the management of multiple functions contributing to delivery. With each team operating in defined workspaces we worked on a solution that would enable teams to maintain their individual work styles, while aggregating the data into a sprint board for project management and planning.

Our process

As part of the engagement we completed an initial audit of the client’s workspace. With multiple teams working across individual workspaces we worked through a structure plan that would provide individual flexibility, but a consistent approach for a high level board. We identified the critical board columns that the scrum owner needed to manage the current sprint, future sprints and the backlog. In addition to the high level board we worked through automation solutions to simplify the syncing between workspaces and the primary sprint board.

The solution

The solution built inside resulted in a single sprint planning & management board with cross board automation active on the individual team’s boards. Using connected board columns the status and date were mirrored into the project overview. This provided a unified way for teams to work individually and then in aggregate to the successful delivery of a project. We also created a dashboard view to track workload and to also assign and reallocate tasks based on effort available across the team.

The outcomes

The client now has a single and simple approach to managing sprints for specific projects across the organisation. This structure can be used again and again to create and manage sprints when delivering a specific project within a defined timeframe.

Cross board automation can also be applied to future workflows.

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