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Learn how we implemented in this client case study. Information and screenshots are modified to ensure client confidentiality.

The challenge

Collaborate are a marketing agency servicing local business clients across a range of trade and service based industries. They engaged Workflowpower to help establish a process inside to help with the process of onboarding clients, through to operations and ongoing management.

Our process

Our process involved analysis of the current state and projected future state of the business. The client operated with businesses across over 30 industries and was looking to scale rapidly in the future. Our approach to building out a workspace had to take into account future growth and simplicity. We held investigative meetings with the client and completed a review of their existing workspaces. Throughout the process we regularly collaborated with the client to identify potential opportunities and to ensure the structure would align with the way they work.

The solution

The structure we established involved multiple boards covering the intake process and the automation through to operations after completion of onboarding. Using Gmail integrations we were able to create a solution based on triggers that the client could use to automate emails at specific points of the month during ongoing work. We also integrated the third party app “sub item templates” to enable the client to create recurring tasks for up to 6 months in advanced with the click of a button.

During the solution phase we build out template structures for the operations board that would enable it to be applied across different industries as the client scaled. This ensured that email integrations would come from defined emails and different project managers could work. The onboarding process included automation that would create and link operational work to the client’s contact information collected at the start of the engagement and throughout the lifetime of the client.

We provided training and support to enable the client to manage the workspace moving forward and the build of integrations and additional boards.

The outcomes

The result was an efficient system that the client could use to onboard clients and track and monitor work. The email integration resulted in a more consistent and structured approach for client communication that was less manual and saved time. The structure gave the client a grounding to scale their business with the help of

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