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Learn how we implemented in this client case study. Information and screenshots are modified to ensure client confidentiality.

The challenge

Before implementing the team at OneDigital were using spreadsheets that were becoming hard to manage due to the volume of marketing campaigns being managed. Due to cross collaboration across divisions in Wesfarmers including Bunnings, Officeworks, Target & Catch they were struggling to communicate plans effectively to key stakeholders.

This resulted in the following challenges:

  • Inability to shift campaign timelines dynamically
  • No master view of upcoming, planned and in progress campaigns
  • No way to sync with divisions of actions they need to take
  • Inability to effectively collaborate with external agencies
  • No way to manage list of assets being created for campaigns
  • Ineffective proofing, reviewing and approval of assets

Our process & why us

As part of the engagement we completed a process mapping exercise and translated the clients current spreadsheet process into a visualised plan before implementing into The client decided to use our services based on our experience with marketing & creative teams. Having worked with teams in the Wesfarmers group & experience with integrations such as PageProof allowed us to propose a trusted solution.

The solution

Utilising the team’s current spreadsheet workflow we were able to improve their process and implement to achieve their core objectives of efficiency, ease of use, productivity and reporting. The implementation included:

  • Bringing in a template approach to campaign initiation that followed key timelines and allowed dynamic shifting based on start and end dates
  • A division style reporting structure to enable visibility across all campaigns of what particular divisions had as action items
  • An asset register that was used internally and also as a tool to collaborate with external agencies
  • The integration of a proofing tool seamlessly into to allow feedback and approvals to be synced to campaign tasks
  • An approvals dashboards so key teams could track approvals including Privacy, Data & Legal and Risk.

The outcomes

The solution has allowed the following benefits to occur within the marketing team:

1. Briefs moved to online submission
2. Online proofing for assets integrated into workflow tool
3. Email reduction with visibility improved
4. Reduction in approval bottlenecks
5. Shifting timelines with the click of a button
6. Clearer responsibilities and timelines
7. Resourcing and workload views

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