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Learn how we implemented in this client case study. Information and screenshots are modified to ensure client confidentiality.

The challenge

Prior to implementing the team at The Australian Ballet were using various tools and spreadsheets to manage and coordinate marketing activities across the organisation. This included teams across campaigns, digital, artistic planning & producing, design and more.

This resulted in the following challenges:

  • Inability to create timelines easily and visualise marketing plans and activities
  • No high level view of what everyone is working on to contribute to the delivery of campaigns
  • No way to easily collaborate across functions
  • Double handling of information
  • Proofing being manually done with approval bottlenecks and visibility issues

Our process & why us

As part of our implementation process we delivered multiple solution options to the client with a collaborative approach allowing the organisation to test different ways of how to do things in monday and how it would function to achieve individual team workflow goals, but also the marketing team as a whole. Given our past experience with marketing teams we leveraged best practice solution options and adjusted to suit the clients way of working.

The solution

Building each team’s own individual workflows we were then able to bring this all into a single unified approach that enhanced visibility and collaboration across marketing. The solution involved

  • Bringing in a template approach to campaign initiation that followed key timelines and allowed dynamic shifting based on start and end dates
  • An asset style listing that could automatically brief in the design team and sync status changes
  • Integration of PageProof for online proofing across different teams.
  • Reporting and dashboards for different teams to visualise information
  • Workflows for teams across digital, social, producing, creative, design, broadcast and a unified approach to bring all the workflows into a single view at a campaign level

The outcomes

The solution has allowed the following benefits to occur within the marketing team:

1. A single location for all teams to work
2. Online proofing for assets integrated into workflow tool
3. Email reduction with visibility improved
4. Shifting timelines with the click of a button
5. Simpler initiation of campaigns
6. Resourcing and workload views
7. Team ability to manage their own workflows

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